I Promise - Only this Once

Okay - I promise - Only this once will I blog and vent about this issue.
Me and my "darlin'" are offically done. It is now over. It has been declining for a few weeks now and it is finally done.
I think I am actually feeling a huge sign of relief (and a little lonely).
Without going into total detail....after months (6+) of unemployment, "darlin" was supposed to start a new job. Apparently, last minute the guy did not call him back and it all fell through. I thought (my crazy head) that he would immediately start going to other companies and find a job asap....that did not happen. He slept ALOT...I understand depression and I also understand getting your life together.
So, finally last night after collecting numberous names and numbers of companies for him I ask how the job hunt is going.
He tells me it is none of my business and leave him alone. I tell him it IS my business of we are going to have any future (we need to communicate) and it would be nice for him to have to work SOME DAY!!!! Mind you, this after 2 hours of trying to get him to say two words to me!!! Anyway he got made and yelled and went home and took all of his stuff. So, we are done....needless to say I need to write this for me to make this whole getting over this relationship easier.
I believe there has been some extra-pill popping and smoking going on for a while. I suspected for a while as he has family members that think "the maintenance plan" is A O K.
He has been acting weird and distant (I thought it was unemployment depression) and after he bolted last night and forgot his coat I checked the pocket and sure enough there were pills there that were prescribed for someone else. That cinched it for me - I am done. I hope he fesses up and gets help but I know it is not me that can help him now.
So, when I feel lonely and want to ask him back in my life - I can just read the post above.


  1. Ann, I wanna say, "I'm sorry", but I guess I'm really glad you ..."Made a decision..." Please, now, stay close to friends, and if you're in a "program",
    attend as many meetings as you can make.

    Blessings on you!

  2. Also, you said "Okay - I promise - Only this once will I blog and vent about this issue. Me and my "darlin'" are offically done."

    Careful what I promise, I've learned. Also, feel free to blog about whatever is going down in your life, the good and the bad. After all, none of us really knows what's good and what's bad!


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