Bring on the Rain!

Bring on the Rain: (This is my new fav song!!!!!!)
Another day has almost come and gone
Can’t imagine what else could wrong
Sometimes I’d like to hide away somewhere and lock the door
A single battle lost but not the war (‘cause)

Tomorrow’s another day - And I’m thirsty anyway - So bring on the rain

It’s almost like the hard times circle ‘round
A couple drops and they all start coming down
Yeah, I might feel defeated,I might hang my head
I might be barely breathing - but I’m not dead

Tomorrow’s another day - And I’m thirsty anyway - So bring on the rain

I’m not gonna let it get me down
I’m not gonna cry
And I’m not gonna lose any sleep tonight


OKAY - So this is what is rolling through my head this morning....
Things are good.
I am dealing with life on life terms
I woke this morning and immediately did my morning meditation.
I ALWAYS search more fervently for my higher power whenever things hurt...this is a good thing!
Life is good - Life is positive - I can give a lot more love to the people in my life as everything is no longer focused on saving someone else that does not want to be saved.
This is definitely hard but not nearly as hard as I thought - I am good! :-)
I am doing God's will (just for today) and waiting to see what glorious and amazing things are waiting for me around the corner......

I will definitely also be hitting a meeting tonight (one that I have not been too for a LONNNNNGG time) -I am excited for that also!
Thank you for all my blessings!

Here is a tiny picture of just one of those blessings (my nieces and nephew minus the new twins)....


  1. Ann, I have two thoughts which seem appropriate (to me. HA!)

    1. The more love I have to give, and DO give, the more will come back to me--in some way, not always how I think or expect it.

    2. I never know the future, not even the next minute! Ever! Never! So if I just live the best I can "each minute", each hour, each day, etc., God's Will for my life MUST happen 'as the result'...

    3. Oooops! I said TWO, I'm a liar! If you can read the first-person pronouns as if they are YOU, it might be helpful.

    4. Yes, it is painful, scary, frightening, and hole-in-the-heart
    hurtful. Also it is something that most of us have been through, at one time ot another.

    5. Also remember: Growth is thus!

    Steve E.

  2. Oh yes, after ALL these years, someone finally got through to me about kneeling down FIRST THING in the morning, asking something like,

    "God here I am. Please show me what You want me to do today, and help me do it."

    That's enough! But mean it--and your day WILL be better, because you have already given it to your Higher Power. AFTER that, brush your teeth, or whatever....NOT before! OK? the same thing at night, sort of. review my day, try to see if I've been wrong, hurt anyone needlessly, where I might better do Your work.

    Ann, that having been said-written I do want you to realize that at this moment, for these day or weeks, you are rightfully on the RECEIVING end of this program. When your heart (and mind and body) are somewhat healed intime, THEN will you have better capability to be of service to OTHERS!

    WARNING! Advice on the way! So for now, why don'y you try to relax and let thid program sink in, while you begin (or continue--I don't know you!) working thew Steps
    and thank God for each day of self-knowledge He allows you to experience.

    AMEN -grin!
    Steve E.


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