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Planters - Yippee!!!

Here are a few pics of my patio and planters that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! I just finished potting them all last weekend...
I need to re-do the pot on the right withthe stick (it was supposed to be a blackberry bush but it does not appear to have any buds/etc.) I think it's life was over long before it started.
:-( -

Things to do...

Tonight is dinner with one of my bestest friends (and sponsor) Donna and another great friend that I have known for over 12 years - yeah - fun dinner at Napoli in Bridgeville... as this restaurant is only ten minutes from my home in Bridgeville which is about 12 miles from the actual city of Pittsburgh.
The following is for It's Good to be Queen (she requested a small tour of where I live) In Pittsburgh you can...
hang out in the Strip
go to games - SteelersPiratesPenquins go to downtown Bridgeville go on the walking path that runs throughout my town and many others and soon I will post more...

Take me out to the ballgame:

I am soooo excited!!!
I have received tickets from an awesome friend of mine to go to PNC park to see the Pirates play!! The tickets for a game on friday night and I have awesome seats...
I have not gone to a game since I was a little kid and I am sooooooooooo excited.
Now to get my date...


Ok...I have secured my date/friend to attend with...I will definitely post pics after the game!! Also - PS - I have been invited to another game on disabilities night to participate in signing the Star Spangled Banner out on the field at PNC Park (I have about two weeks to learn it) - HOW COOL IS THAT!?!?!?? This being single thing is really working out to my advantage!!!! :-)


Hope all is well with everyone today. HAPPY TUESDAY!
I talked with whats its name last night and realized that there is definitely nothing there to save.
He has used up all my trust in all aspects of our relationship and now he is minimizing everything he did. It is simply time to walk away and find new friends, loves, etc.
The sucky part is really that he WAS my best friend but apparently I was not his.
Addiction sucks! He has been lying and he is now minimizing everything and acting like we can "fix" this. He actually said that he is unsure of why he changed his clean date as he "did not really use hard drugs but just stole some meds from someone and took a few.
It hurts sooo bad to admit this - but there is nothing left to fix. He has smashed it all.
After the past two months of trying to repair the last damage he did, I am definitely tired (sick and tired of trying to fix something that he does not care enough about to stop destroying).
Thing is, for awhile at least, n…



New blog format

I am writing this to explain my new blog format choice.
I love frogs...
the following story is why.
Those of you that know it, know it!!! LOL You know who you are!!!
"Once there were three frogs on a log
One made a decision to jump off.
How many frogs are left???
Those of you who guessed right (the answer is three), you are in the right place!!!

Happy to report...

I am soooooooooooooooooo happy to report that it seems like "my ex-darlin" is fessing up and getting some help from his male "we".
I ammmm soooooooo happy!
I honestly thought he would run away and use like a maniac and die! I am elated that that is not the case! He is definitely no longer in my life, in that way, but he will always be in my heart and I am sooo happy that he has once AGAIN chosen life over "living a life in hell"!
The foundation is strong - and I am sooooo GRATEFUL!!!

Bring on the Rain!

Bring on the Rain: (This is my new fav song!!!!!!)
Another day has almost come and gone Can’t imagine what else could wrong Sometimes I’d like to hide away somewhere and lock the door A single battle lost but not the war (‘cause)
Tomorrow’s another day - And I’m thirsty anyway - So bring on the rain
It’s almost like the hard times circle ‘round A couple drops and they all start coming down Yeah, I might feel defeated,I might hang my head I might be barely breathing - but I’m not dead
Tomorrow’s another day - And I’m thirsty anyway - So bring on the rain
I’m not gonna let it get me down I’m not gonna cry And I’m not gonna lose any sleep tonight
OKAY - So this is what is rolling through my head this morning.... Things are good. I am dealing with life on life terms I woke this morning and immediately did my morning meditation. I ALWAYS search more fervently for my higher power whenever things hurt...this is a good thing! Life is good - Life is …

Okay - One More for today...

Spiritual growth results from absorbing and digesting truth and putting it to practice in daily life. ~White Eagle

HOW GREAT IS THAT!?!?!?!?!?!?

That is courtesy of a fellow bloggers page...

One more to move his pics off the first page and into the archive


I Promise - Only this Once

Okay - I promise - Only this once will I blog and vent about this issue.
Me and my "darlin'" are offically done. It is now over. It has been declining for a few weeks now and it is finally done.
I think I am actually feeling a huge sign of relief (and a little lonely).
Without going into total detail....after months (6+) of unemployment, "darlin" was supposed to start a new job. Apparently, last minute the guy did not call him back and it all fell through. I thought (my crazy head) that he would immediately start going to other companies and find a job asap....that did not happen. He slept ALOT...I understand depression and I also understand getting your life together.
So, finally last night after collecting numberous names and numbers of companies for him I ask how the job hunt is going.
He tells me it is none of my business and leave him alone. I tell him it IS my business of we are going to have any future (we need to communicate) and it would be nice for him…

Happy Kartini Day!

April 21 is declared as Kartini Day in Indonesia.
Kartini is honored as a "pioneer in the emancipation of women".
She fought for women's right to get the same opportunity for schooling as men.
From what I have read so far she was an amazing young women and dies wayyyyyyyyy toooo young!
It is soooo fun to learn new things when no-one is making you!

Monday - Monday!

Happy Monday to all! I am not sure that I have anything exciting to report at all.
I spent my weekend at "wrap-up" meetings for other meetings and cleaning and STILL waiting for the hummingbirds....
How much fun does that sound like?
I did get ALL my flower pots up around the deck and I will get pics and post those tomorrow.
I am the new Area 60 Newsletter editor and also chairperson for the 2010 D.O.S. YIPPEE!!!
I was supposed to do dinner with a great friend tonight and she just had to cancel so I am now going to go home on time and to Body Pump and ZUMBA classes!!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!
I am also back on my strict losing weight plan....
Today is Day 1 and I will weigh in tonight and report back weekly with the MASSIVE WEIGHT LOSS is that for positive thinking?!?!??
Just wanna be bikini ready in three months!!!!!!!!

Late Easter Pic Post

Here it is...finally, Easter pics...

We had an amazing Easter with the whole family except my older sister did not make it with her family. We will ALL be going to see them in a few weeks though.

Here are the pics...

Aunt Kathy and Tim looking Hippoty-Hoppity Happy!!

Aunt Marti and Uncle Matt hangin'.... Poppy and his crosswords...
Mema and her bonnet...
Susie and Steve gettin' some snuggling time with Ali!! Ryan is MIA...
Matt and Aunt Sara chillin' to the new Brittany song....

Mema and her favorite "baby" - Kyleigh is holding her new favorite toy (it was a plastic Dora bunnny with candy inside its head) What will they come up with next!?!?!?

Kyleigh with her new duck beak!!!!! I think she figured this out herself (just biting on a half of a plastic egg shell) - pretty brilliant child hugh?????? Can you tell I am a proud Aunt!?!?!?!

Aunt Annie and Kyleigh (nothing better than a child's laugh)
Kyleigh with her nerd glasses....

Kyleigh and her basket of "loot"…

Fun loving friends!

This pic below is exactly why I love Wally! We have soooo much fun together and laugh constantly! He is - without a doubt - my BEST friend - I am soooo grateful and blessed to have become friends with another friend of Bills', continued that friendship for ten years, and then fallen in love with that same person! Anyone who has been reading this blog for any period of time knows we had a rough spell there for a while. That is our past - hopefully for good!!! :-) Forgiveness is sooooimportant and everyone makes mistakes, right????
Anyway - I am grateful and blesses and we LOVE to laugh....he cracks me up constantly....see pic below.....LOL
So, on a serious note - Marge had a blood drive yesterday to re-supply the blood she used when she got treatments for her bone cancer. I was working but everyone that was able to go said she looks great and is in high spirits - so, all you that have been praying thanks and please continue. NOTE: It says it all to let you know that Wally and Ed went…

They are Almost Here!!

I am soooo excited!!
We have had nice mild weather the past few days - minus the rainfall - here in Pittsburgh.
It has been sooooooo nice and I just thought to check my favorite site in the universe and now I am really excited...
The hummingbirds are almost here in Pittsburgh.
I am getting my feeders out when I get home.
YIPPEE - they are my favorite part of nature and summer!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Friday and final Fish-fry day...:-(

Lent is over all ready!!! No more fish fry's...that stinks!!
Well, since this is the last one and I have to go to the church anyway to set up tonight for the DOS tomorrow, I figured I will volunteer on clean-up committee for the fish fry also.
I guess I will clean and pickup trash from tables and floors, etc. and then help setup for tomorrow.
Believe it or not, after weeks of meetings and planning - I am really excited for the DOS!!!

I just talked with Mindy and she got a new Tom-Tom for her car! I am sooooo excited for her. I love mine and was telling her that I now do not know how I drove without it. Well, actually i do know. It takes me twice as long as everyone else to get anywhere. I have no sence of direction at all and with the Tom-Tom all you have to do is follow the little arrows on the screen!!!! It is the GREATEST!!!!!!!!!! I am finding such quick routes to EVERYWHERE now!!!

If you do not have one and either get lost or always take the long way - I HIGHLY recommen…

Lack of posting....Throat Spray!!

Sorry for lack of posting lately...
For the past week and a half I have been living off of my new best friend Cepacol spray.
It is just like that Chloraseptic your momma used to give you (well, at least my momma used to give me) only it is a travel size....WOO HOO!!! Today is the first day it does not hurt at all!!!
Only problem with that is now my neck is sore - LOL!!! Seriously. I am falling apart at this ripe young age of 30 (also Ha-ha).
I think I pulled something at the class on Tuesday at the gym. I took last night off so we shall see how it goes tonight...I have Core Explosion with George and Body Pump with Amy.
I will keep you posted.
PS - New pic of me and Wally from before we went to Mindy's dad's funeral...sad but since we were dressed up and all. Take care - more updates soon!