TGIF! WOW! Long time no post...

TGIF! Wow! Long time no post, hugh? I guess that flu really knocked me out.
I am back to feeling great today - thank goodness!!!
I was just discussing Christmas with my little sister and we have this family tradition where we all pick a name out of a hat and just buy for just that one person.
Well, she brought up the kids (her kids, my little nieces and nephew) and said "don't buy anything for them this year - they don't need anything". This started the discussion about when we were kids and my mom would tell Grandma and Aunts not to buy for us cause "they don't need anything" and we would be incredulous! What is she saying that for - LOL - of course we need things - LOL!!!!
So that ended that discussion right away - I said "see, now you sound like Mom" :-)

Oh and on a more important note - in case you are not aware - today is NATIONAL PICKLE DAY!!!! so enjoy for me!!!! I am guessing someone from a pickle company invented this holiday - not sure - but, hey - what a great celebration it could be!!! BTW - :Once you are a pickle, you can never again be a cucumber"


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