Music of the Night...

Cannot wait!!!

Tonight my mom and two sisters are coming to Pittsburgh to stay overnight!

We will be going to dinner in the city and then to see The Phantom of the Opera at the Benedum Center tonight. We went all together last year too but this is the final showing before it is retired (not sure if that is correct to call it retirement or not but they will not perform it anymore).

We will then have a BIG slumber party (meaning one person in the spare bedroom and the other two on blowup mattresses with kitty cats jumping on them all night!!
Tell the wish you were coming too right?!?!?!?

Then, tomorrow we will go shopping here.

This is the new Tanger Outlets in Washington and it is always a great way to bond with my FEMALE family members (and some male members: my little bro is a great shopper and Steve also can shop with the best of them)....LOL!!!!!!!!!!
Pictures will follow!!!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend too!!!!!


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