Running Products and More Recap from Half Marathon

More about the marathon...ha ha!!

Can you tell I am having a proud few days - LOL!

I honestly was not sure I would finish let alone do as well as I did (for my level that is).

I felt great the whole race...and no blisters thanks to prep!!!

I will give you my low down on my new running products...they ALL worked!!!

I LOVED my fanny pack!!! It did not get in my way at all and I was able to put my car key and inhaler and sport beans in it and also have the water I needed to get the sports beans down.

The sport beans were great too!!!! I ate six about 1/2 hour before the race with some Nunn water (also great)!!!  Then ate three ever four miles after that and I never felt tired!!! AMAZING!!! My legs got tight at the end but I was not tired at all!!!

At the end of the race my feet felt amazing!!! Not a single blister on them which I contribute to the use of bodyglide...that stuff works! I smeared it all over my feet and not one single blister!!! I swear I usually get blisters when I only run two miles so this stuff works!!!!  The only issue I had with my feet was the following...take this as a warning...

I went the day before the marathon to get my pedicure.  I heard you should make sure your toenails are short.  I went to Annies where I always go and asked to have them shorter than usual that I was running the next day.  They gave me a new girl and she cut my big toe sooooo short it bled!!!!!!!!!!! I was really upset but did not say anything.  I will never go back!!!!! The only thing that hurt the ENTIRE race was my big toe!!!! Dont ever do this...just cut your own this close to a race LOL!!!! LESSON LEARNED THE HARD WAY!!!!

Anyway.... here is more race pics, etc.

My lovely photo after I crossed the finish with my medal and Gatorade!

This is my official time/pace/etc.  It is good for me...LOL~!

This is the photo I ordered to put in my shadow box with my bib and medal. The official "crossing the finish line" moment!!!

I run across the finish at 3:11:06 on the right side of the screen under the Dicks sign. I am wearing black capris, grey t shirt and fanny pack.


  1. Woohoo great job!! I haven't tried body glide on my feet but I just bought some so I should. Even with the blister proof socks I still am getting some rubbing.


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