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Big BooBoo

So, in my excitement to return to hip hop class last night... I was running late and rushing out the door...I turned and grabbed my gym bag and it was stuck on something so I pulled it....really hard and apparently it was stuck on my huge, heavy paper shredder! Well, when I pulled it; the paper shredder actually fellover right on my big toe! Serious pain!! Needless to say, is till went to hurt but it was so nice to see everyone! Here's the toe when I got home... Another view... :-( And another... Icky!! So I went to work today and it just kept throbbing like crazy so I left and went to MedExpress. It's broken! My bug toe tip was broken laterally and the bone split den the it's wrapped and I have this lovely walking boot in the photo and crutches. :-( I am off at 1pm to see an orthopedic doctor to make sure it heals right. Worst thing of all, no working out for at least four weeks!! Guess I will catch up on my reading or see if I can bike with my …

Running Products and More Recap from Half Marathon

More about the marathon...ha ha!!

Can you tell I am having a proud few days - LOL!

I honestly was not sure I would finish let alone do as well as I did (for my level that is).

I felt great the whole race...and no blisters thanks to prep!!!

I will give you my low down on my new running products...they ALL worked!!!

I LOVED my fanny pack!!! It did not get in my way at all and I was able to put my car key and inhaler and sport beans in it and also have the water I needed to get the sports beans down.

The sport beans were great too!!!! I ate six about 1/2 hour before the race with some Nunn water (also great)!!!  Then ate three ever four miles after that and I never felt tired!!! AMAZING!!! My legs got tight at the end but I was not tired at all!!!

At the end of the race my feet felt amazing!!! Not a single blister on them which I contribute to the use of bodyglide...that stuff works! I smeared it all over my feet and not one single blister!!! I swear I usually get blisters when I only ru…

I Can Break Rocks!!

What an amazing day Sunday was!! I was sooo excited for my first half marathon!! I arrived at North Shore parking and happened to park right next to a very good friend of mine and his family. They were kind enough to let me hang with them until the start of the race. In talking with his sister from Harrisburg, we realized that my niece and her daughter graduated from high school together....small world!!!So this is me all corralled into Corral E...needless to say I think it was the slowest corral....hee hee!!! Apparently more than 27,000 people were registered between the half, full and relay marathon. What a rush...soo many friendly people!!! This is my view to the is PPG towers in Pittsburgh. And this is the view is the Highmark building near Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh. During mile 3 we ran right past my favorite restaurant in the Strip District - I swear they have the BEST chicken noodle soup!!! Amazing!!!!! I love to text (or try to) when I am running…

Sunday Half Marathon Raceday

Well, we are three days away from my first half marathon. Needless to say, the time went sooooo fast since signing up and I have not trained AT ALL!!! I work out almost every night (6 out of 7 days) for normally at least two hours. Some days it is hour of spin and hour of Zumba, others it is hour of Cardio HipHop and hour of Zumba, and others it is hour of Eliptical Trainer and hour of Cardio HipHop. But I get a lot of cardio in and then lift weights in between here and there. Well, I signed up intending to train but I love my Zumba, Spin and HipHop so much and it has been sooo cold here that I could not force myself to get on the treadmill. So, yesterday I realized that I have four days until I have complete (see, I did not say run or jog ha ha) 13.1 miles!!! WOWSA!!! Sounds really daunting!! So, yesterday after work I went out to the trail and got a run, jog, walk in....I went 10 miles and felt pretty good!!! I was a little tight for the first half so I think if I rest from now unt…

Jackson's Mill Spring 2013

Went to an amazing weekend conference with a bunch of amazing people this past are a couple pictures... This was the theme. How can you go wrong with that? This is one of my dearest friends Sherry and another besties Vaughn....I have sooo many special friends....I a truly blessed!!! This is Sherry's frst pedicure.....I actualy think she liked it!!! And this is us one night before a speaker. What an awesome weekend!! Such an amazing weekend with just as many amazing people!!! Thanks as always Jackson's Mill!!!Posted with Blogsy