Sunday Hershey Run-day

I am excited to post my results and pictures from the Sunday run in Hershey Park with my sister and her friends.


This is my sister Kerry, myself, the Hershey Bear, and Amy pre-race.

This is my sister Kerry, the Hersey Kiss, Amy, and I pre-race.
This is Amy, Nancy, Kerry, myself and the Hershey Bar behind us all pre-race.
This is myself and my sister Kerry with our finishers medals!!!! Done-please excuse the scary picture!! LOL
This is our whole group together post-race. From left to right...myself, Kerry, Amy, Todd and Nancy.
This is my finishing information. It my seem slow to some seasoned runners but it is great for me. yippee!!

I was the slowest of all of us in my group but, by far, had my fastest time yet. And, I swear, this WHOLE race was uphill!!





  1. Popped over here from your comment on my blog! WAY TO GO! What a fun race and awesome medals! I have never done a 10K...adding it to my list for this year though. Great job!


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