Stripping and The Firkins

One of my favorite Saturday past-times is going down to the strip with a girl I work with. We have such a great time and always get the most delicious meats, cheeses and produce. We start the day the same way each time with a stop at Peace, Love and Little Donuts. They make these amazing little donuts in so many awesome flavors (Bacon Maple, Oreo, Double Chocolate, yum!!!)
Then we popped into this little Hurricane simulator - it was hillariousness at it's finest for 2 dollars....well worth it!!! :-)
After our major shopping morning; we proceeded to Release the Firkins at Highmark Stadium in Station Square in Pittsburgh. It was an ale testing party with LOTS of people!!! We met up with a few people from work and what fun we had! This is a shot from overhead of all the people.
This is a shot of my brother-in-laws favorite beer brand....
This is Jenna and her friend the the end of the day they were highly aquainted.
This is a shot of my group I went with ... what a group of fun people!! I was the designated driver and do not drink but I definitely had as much if not more fun then they did! HA HA
This is a shot of our beautiful city from the stadium. Pittsburgh is a great place to live!!
This is a shot of my dinner that night. Some of the spoils from our trip to the strip. My noodle soup from the Vietnamese Noodle Shop with bean sprouts on top - YUM!!!!
Here is a strange misc shot....I was sooo excited to get my first blingy medal for my 10K that my sister gave me the idea to put it in a shadow box! I love it!!! A nd the top is open for my soon to come bling when I drag myself across the finish line at the Pgh 1/2 Marathon...Yippee!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week - and remember, no personal conversations at your least where I work!!!!! :-)





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