Patio gardening in full swing!!

On Monday I was able to stop and get all my herbs on the way home from work. I got all my herbs and flowers planted...cannot wait to start harvesting the awesomeness in salads all summer!!!!

The picture below has my hanging pot with yellow pansies...and the ledge planters have basil varieties, flowers, rosemary, dill and more flowers!!!

This picture shows the awesome corner planters I bought already assembled this year - love them!!! Also a shot of the ledge planter on the right that has cilantro and spearmint and below that the circle planter that has curly parsley.
And this is another shot to the right of the patio....did I mention that I love gardening and flowers and herbs?!?!?!

So - my advice to you....get out and plant a flower or two or three!!! Happy planting to you all!!!!


  1. Nice! I worked in the yard like crazy for Easter but haven't been out in there at all since. We keep having these really windy days.


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