Leadership Check In - Day One

For work I got to go to Gettysburg for Leadership training. It is a three day trip where you are taught leadership skills and traits in the field study of the battlefields of Gettysburg. It was awesome! This is my room at the Wyndham Gettysburg....sooo excited to watch Dr. Phil after we arrived and checked in....I never see his show anymore!!
This is my bathroom after move in - ha ha!
Self-explanatory :-)
These are the awesome toiletries!! Nothing better than TrueBlue Spa!! And, although not pictured, they have out complimentary bottled water in the rooms....LOVE that!
This is the front of our luxury bus. It took me and three others from Pgh to Gettysburg and then it is used all weekend to drive the whole class around to the battlefields where we had our lessons. About 13 other people from my company joined us...they all fly in from other cities and we all met there.

That is day one on Wednesday. After we arrived and checked into our rooms we had a reception and got to meet everyone that we would be hanging out with for the next few days.


Luckily, we had a group of awesome people...we all meshed so well....it was great!




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