Gettysburg Days Two and Three

This is my class getting a field lesson from Kevin our Leadership instructor
This status is by the same artist that created Mount Rushmore.....little trivia....
This a shot of Devils Den...the sit of a horrible battle often depicted in paintings of the Gettysburg battles.
This is the top of Little Round Top....a major part of the battle also...
This is my classmate "Beth's castle"...see her on the roof in the blue shirt with all the boys - ha ha!
This is my whoe class, minus me, of course....
An the other two in the class with Kevin our instructor in the middle.
Soldiers' National Cemetery
The water tower in the middle of the photo is "my water tower". Long story......
The site where the flag is flying is where President Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address.
These are numbered graves where remains of unknown soldiers lie.
A plaque at the Soldiers' Cemetery
My classmate Steve stood outside and read the Gettsburg Address for our class....the moment gave me chills.....
And this is the bus going home. I sat in the back and spread out. The whole trip was awesome, I learned sooo much and met sooo many great people. It was seriously over wayyyyyyy too quick!

This is my bus crew! They were soooo much fun to travel with! Left to right it is Rick (from a plant in Ohio), me, our driver Jim, Beth (who works in my office) and Tim From a plant in Ohio). What a great crew!




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