A visit to Millersville University

I am such a proud aunt!!

My darling niece Jessica is off to Millersville University in the fall!!

We are soooooo excited for her to start this new chapter of her life.

I was invited to go with her to see the campus on welcome day.....so here we go....

TThis is me and my adorable niece at the School sign...

Here is the welcome sign...
This is one of the school's mascots....he is Skully the parrot.
This is my niece and my sister (her mom)...we found the on-campus Starbucks!!
This is my niece and the resident swans on-campus....their names are Miller and Seville.
This is my niece and I posing with this awesome com (bull) that is outside of the bookstore...my niece was horribly embarrassed but thanks for doing it anyway Jess....I owe ya!!!


What an awesome day - wait till you hear about the rest of the weekend....it rocked!!







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