Stuffy suit-I think not!

Happy Weekend Ya'll!!!

I ususally never blog on the weekend so this is fun to peek in and see what you all are up to instead of having to wait till Monday!!! HA!!!

I spent my weekend stressed about a presentation that I have to give next week.  This is a huge opportunity for me professionally and I am making sure I am as prepared and as professional as possible....

I have to present for about 20 minutes in front of all my fellow employees, managers and directors of my Division next week (about 500 people) - WOW!!!! Live and in person!

It gave me a great excuse to go suit shopping!! I found the cutest suit at Macy's. It is Calvin Klein and the white top underneath is also Calvin.

 Excuse the bizare look on my face but I felt stupid posing and waiting for the picture delay to work....HA HA!! This is to show you the cute shirt underneath....little waterfall effect....I know, still more weight to's all good...I AM SO ON TRACK!!!! And have never been PERSONALLY happier in my life!!!! YEAH - I am loving being single and getting fit!!!! Okay - sorry that was wayyyy of track...HA HA!!!!

 Oh and, yes, I have been tanning too - that helps withthe good mood :-)

And check out the cute shoes!!!!!!  Then I decided I needed new shoes to go with it and I found these awesome ones and they are, you guessed it, Calvin Klein!! Really cute neutral color with a slight grey (same as the suit) cute!!!

 And I love that the shoes have this little metal circle that says Calvin Klein too.  Normlly I hate brands that advertise like this (for example: I could never buy a coach purse - hate those giant C's everywhere) but this is so classy and cute - LOVE IT!!!

This is my favorite suit look EVER!!!! Thanks Calvin Klein!!!!!!  Love your stuff!!!  I hope everyone else had as happy a weeekend as I did!!! Wish me luck...I am gonna need it....lots of extra deoderant that day!!!!!!!!!! HA :-)


  1. nice suite it looks great on you

  2. You look so sharp! I know your presentation will be fantastic!

  3. Good luck. I am with you on the brand names, I don't want to be a walking advertisement.


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