Recap A Few Days

I just realized that I have a bunch of pics that I forgot from my blackberry to show you guys...this post will have a little of this and a little of that - HA!

Let's start offf with the IMPORTANT stuff!!! WORKOUTS!!!

This is Part One of my workout for Tuesday....woo hoo jogging 2.25 miles on the treadmill for 362 calories gone!

And part two for Tuesday is 60 minutes on the ArcTrainer...yep, thats 700 calories gone!

Then Wednesdays workout Part 1...jogged 2.31 miles on the treadmill for 372 calories burned...

And Wednesday part two is 60 minutes on the eliptical for 627 calories burned...

back to Easter.....this is my finger after decorating eggs with my nieces and nephews....I am the designated "egg person" and I look forward to it every year!!!!!!!

These are my nieces and nephew from my little sisters family....soooooooooooooo cute!!!!

A side ways shot of Aly.....HA!!!

Here is our favorite part of my parents living on a lake is the campfires and smores (oh and boating and sailing and jetskiiing - okay - I love it all)!!!

A shot of mom and sister snuggling at the campfire....HA HA!

A chicken we saw over a fence on a walk one morning (yup, walked at Easter for a little exercise since my chocolate fast was over I was inhaling anything and everything chocolate)...

Working out at the Y in my parents little town in Ohio....They had this homemade iPod holder made out of a jean pocket on the cute!!!!!!!!!!! People here take much better care of the machines than they do at LA Fitness back home!

Tuesday night my tub broke - it would not turn of.....I pushed and pushed and could not get the water to shut off. I called my Dad and tried to shutoff the water and fix it myself and it was a no poor Dad was ready to kill me by the time we hung up. I have no patience when things do not go is the wall after I took the fixture off....

A closer view...

Lots of money and a plumber is the finished product! I was in WAYYYYYY above my head - this was NOT a do it yourself project....unless you own a torch...then maybe?!?!?!

This is a little fishy baby I found the other day swimming around in my aquarium,,,,I was able to sequester him in the plastic tent before he or she was eaten by the bigger fish in the tank....this is a close of of the baby.....

And this will give you a better view of his or her size....this is the little guy or girl from above and the "normal" size adults swimming below.....

And finally, a little advertising for my etsy store annsterw ...this is my new 26.2 marathoner necklace...I love this I am just not qualified to wear it....HA!

I can also make it with 5K instead of the 26.2 or with can get whatever you like on this....

Also, this new one! Another favorite as it can be given to ANYONE that is ...loved

Love this design....

After the plumber experience...I need all the help I can get with sales....stop by!! PLEASE! HA!

I promise you will love anything I make for you - it is handstamped personally and I add a little extra love when it is for a bloggy friend!

I hope everyone has an awesome Thursday!! I am off on a vacation day tomorrow...I desperately needed a break!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


  1. The pictures of the machines mean so much more now that I'm actually paying attention to calories ;)

    Your little neieces and nephew are so cute and wow so much fun at your parents. I love just sitting around chatting with my family too.

    Did you have to call someone in to get the water off? What a nightmare!

  2. Hoppin' over here from Sara's. I am in love with all of your necklaces and I thought the Swivel Bar Necklace was my favorite but I'd love to have a 3.1 too!

  3. Over from Sara's blog. Your loved open heart necklace is too cute!

  4. Coming fom Sara's blog. That jean iPod holder is pretty funny. Campfires ate wonderful.
    And your shop is awesome! I do love the running one that Sara has.

  5. Found you from Sara's blog.... obsessed with your jewelry too! Can't wait to check out your Etsy shop! :-)

  6. PS - I can't decide what I like... both the 13.1 charms & the "run to be" necklace!

  7. I'm coming from Sara's blog too :). The "loved" necklace with the pearl, like it's shown in your shop, is my favorite. So pretty!

    I'm impressed you even attempted anything with your broken faucet! I wish I knew how to fix things but I'm not handy at all.


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