Arctic Tundra?

As you may or may not know; we here in western PA have gone from 85 and sunny to FREEZZZZING!!!

Apparently a winter storm in heading through for the next two days so this is my spare bedroom - HA!!!! We are dropping to freezing and possibly snow!!!!!!!!!! No yet though - thank goodness!

I moved all these plants into the bedroom...I am sure this will mean I have allowed many many spiders to eascape into my home - I will be finding them all over in the near future but I could not deal with seeing my posies and hearbs all freeze to death!!!

And this is my kitchen with my basil (also there is my cactus from Arizona that always lives on the kitchen shelf)

And this is two of my three fuscia happily hanging indoors....

And, last but not least, just to add a ittle variety to this post....this is my workout from Sunday.

I did Zumba in the AM and hopped on the treadmilll for this little additional workout....averaged 11:55 mile which is good for me (I know....sad to all you REAL runners) :-)

Then Sunday night I cozied in with my fur babies and watched my fav Sunday night television. Amazing Race did not let me down (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bopper) and also Celebrity Apprentice was well worth two hours of downtime.

Happy Monday and Snowday to ya'll from the artic tundra that is Pittsburgh!!!!! I hope everyone has a cozy, relaxing and warm week!!!!!!!!


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