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Stuffy suit-I think not!

Happy Weekend Ya'll!!!

I ususally never blog on the weekend so this is fun to peek in and see what you all are up to instead of having to wait till Monday!!! HA!!!

I spent my weekend stressed about a presentation that I have to give next week.  This is a huge opportunity for me professionally and I am making sure I am as prepared and as professional as possible....

I have to present for about 20 minutes in front of all my fellow employees, managers and directors of my Division next week (about 500 people) - WOW!!!! Live and in person!

It gave me a great excuse to go suit shopping!! I found the cutest suit at Macy's. It is Calvin Klein and the white top underneath is also Calvin.

 Excuse the bizare look on my face but I felt stupid posing and waiting for the picture delay to work....HA HA!! This is to show you the cute shirt underneath....little waterfall effect....I know, still more weight to's all good...I AM SO ON TRACK!!!! And have never been PERSONALLY happier i…

Arctic Tundra?

As you may or may not know; we here in western PA have gone from 85 and sunny to FREEZZZZING!!!

Apparently a winter storm in heading through for the next two days so this is my spare bedroom - HA!!!! We are dropping to freezing and possibly snow!!!!!!!!!! No yet though - thank goodness!

I moved all these plants into the bedroom...I am sure this will mean I have allowed many many spiders to eascape into my home - I will be finding them all over in the near future but I could not deal with seeing my posies and hearbs all freeze to death!!!

And this is my kitchen with my basil (also there is my cactus from Arizona that always lives on the kitchen shelf)

And this is two of my three fuscia happily hanging indoors....

And, last but not least, just to add a ittle variety to this post....this is my workout from Sunday.

I did Zumba in the AM and hopped on the treadmilll for this little additional workout....averaged 11:55 mile which is good for me (I know....sad to all you REAL runner…

Little of This and Little of That

Hi ya'll!!! How has everyones week been? Mines been busy but great!! Got all my workouts in and lots of work done!! Here is a recap of some of what has happened...

Here is the Tuesday workout Part 1....

And Part 2...

Here is the Wednesday workout Part 1...

And Part 2...

And Thursday workout Part 1...

And Part 2 was spin class tonight...60 minutes of awesome fun!!!!!

The planting frenzy has begun! Anyone that knows me knows I love my flowers and herbs....AND especially after my neighbor made his cheesy comments about how he hates my flowers....I love them even more!! So, I decided this year will be the biggest and baddest display yet!!! WHOOOOOO HOOOOO! So it has started!!! I bought these basil plants. I am waiting a few days (or weeks) before planting them outside in their pots so they dont die in the low temp or frost. And, it is supposed to drop low tomight so, until morning they are living on my over the sink shelf under a grow light with my cactus from Arizona.

This is a fuscia - br…

Etsy - Fun Giveaway

I know you are all probably sick and tired of hearing about my new Etsy site annsterw but I think you are going to love this!!! Did you check out my shop, by the way? HA!! Kidding!!!

One of my bestest blogging friends, Sara, is hosting a giveway on her blog for my etsy site!!!!

One lucky person will win their choice of one item from my shop...up to a $30 value FREE!! Plus, I think you are going to thank me for sending you to her blog...she is an entertaining blogger that is real, honest, and funny and you will definitely thank me when you get the pleasure of meeting her through her blog!!

Go visit Sara at Domestically Challenged and make sure that you follow her blog and then follow her instructions to be entered into the chances to win~~

AND ~~


Back on track

Back on track with the workouts and eating....YEAH!!!

Longer post tomorrow...

Recap A Few Days

I just realized that I have a bunch of pics that I forgot from my blackberry to show you guys...this post will have a little of this and a little of that - HA!

Let's start offf with the IMPORTANT stuff!!! WORKOUTS!!!

This is Part One of my workout for Tuesday....woo hoo jogging 2.25 miles on the treadmill for 362 calories gone!

And part two for Tuesday is 60 minutes on the ArcTrainer...yep, thats 700 calories gone!

Then Wednesdays workout Part 1...jogged 2.31 miles on the treadmill for 372 calories burned...

And Wednesday part two is 60 minutes on the eliptical for 627 calories burned...

back to Easter.....this is my finger after decorating eggs with my nieces and nephews....I am the designated "egg person" and I look forward to it every year!!!!!!!

These are my nieces and nephew from my little sisters family....soooooooooooooo cute!!!!

A side ways shot of Aly.....HA!!!

Here is our favorite part of my parents living on a lake is the campfires and smores (oh and boa…

Chocolate induced coma

Happy Tuesday all!! CONGRATS to all my blog buddies that are doing soooooo amazing on their weight loss journeys - I read your blogs this am and am sooooo impressed!!!!! I will be joining back in the ring of watching what I eat as of today!!!

I had a great night spinning last night! Burnt more calories then ever and just felt like I could spin all night...could be due to the fact that I took off about three days in a row over Easter! I went to class with my muscles WELL rested! HA!

I am back on track though! After eating my own weight in chocolate on Easter Sunday (I gave it up for lent so on Easter I shoveled in everything I could find that was chocolate) - so much for will-power!

Happy week to you all!!!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!!

Hope you all enjoy your family and friends on this amazing day - HE IS RISEN!

Happy Easter!

More Etsy Stuff


So, I have been busy with my etsy store and have been a very lame blogger lately!
I am still reading yours though!!! Thank you for those updates!!!
News is that one of my good blogging buddies, Sara, is going to do a review for my jewelry!! I am so psyched to see what she thinks of the necklace I made for her!!
Stay tuned and I will link to it when she posts! YIPPEE!!!

Also, here are the new things I have added recently to my store at

Handstamped, antique, silver-plated mr and mrs forks - perfect to give as a gift for the couple to use at the wedding for their wedding cake - these are really high quality forks.

Here is a view from firther away of the simple and elegant design of the fork itself...

And these are stamped with i do and i do too - these are my favorites!!

A closer view - hard to see I know...

And these are great for a gardener in your life - Mothers Day is on the way!! Great gift!!! Silver-plated, antique spoons with any herb names you prefer on…