November Birchbox

It arrived!!!!! My November Birchbox!! YIPPEE!!!!!

Here is the adorable little box it arrives in....

  Here is the contents before I begin to tear everything open...

I got this great smelling Thymes Eucalyptus Body lotion!!! Awesome!

These two recycled paper coasters...not sure what this has to do with beauty but okay...

This is the smaller items wrapped in this cute little pouch...

Inside was a sample of Shalimar...I think I like it. Tested it and then could not decide after a few hours if I still liked it or not...little bit lit Pacholi...will test it again tomorrow...

I am really excited about this sample...I have heard alot about Zoya so I am very intered to see if this lats as long as OPI...I love this color for the holiday too!!!

And also got a face mask that I forgot to get a picture of and this little pouch of lotion which is also Thymes in Kimono Rose scent...sounds pretty...

If you do not subscribe here to try it!!! It is soooo fun to get a little tester gift sent to you each month - what fun and neat new products to try!!!

Also, if you get Birchbox already - what did you get and what did you think of your products?!?! Let me know!

It's like a little present to yourself each month for only $10

PS - Don't forget to enter my giveaway here - entry time ends on Friday the 11th!!   ENJOY!!!!!


  1. that sounds like a ton of fun! you're the second person that i've seen with a birchbox each month!


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