Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Week With Obama - Monday

So, Day one was spent in training from 7AM - 4PM.
After that, I was on my own!!
Below is a recap of what I did from 4PM-8PM (back to the hotel to shower and relax with DWTS!!!)

This is the view from my conference room so this is what we looked at ALL day in class - lovely hugh?

This is the view from my hotel room - again, lovely hugh?

Checked out the gym at my hotel...here is the lifting/balance ball section of the gym...

Here are the treadmills - I do see these in my future...

The "lifting room"

This is a walking view of Union Square - this is where I found the Chipotle and a bunch of stores just like any mall at home :-)

Here is Michelle Obama!!! She was hanging out at Union Station!!! Just kidding, this was a cardboard version of the First Lady!

Here is where I had dinner...YUM!!

YUM again!!!! Guac!!!

This was way cool!! It is the National Law Enforcement Officers Monument! Pretty cool!

Close up view...

I next walked down the F Street and 12 Street...I was dying to go to the H&M Store here in DC as I heard it was awesome and huge - I was NOT impressed!! Very crowded...lots of police...lots of clothes half off the hangers and some on the floor...very dirty appearance...very sad me!

A picture of Verizon Center - this is where the Wash Capitals play and I saw a lot of people heading to the game.

I think these prickly little needles all over the window sills are to keep the pigeons from landing - what a great idea although I bet there are a lot of pigeons with sore feet and bellies from trying to land HA!

This is an awesome statue!! It was actually in this little walking park four times...so there were four mommy lions and 4 sets of babies playing!

This was a busy highway along my walk - kinda neat so I took a picture... (added note: later found out from my map of DC that this is I-395)

I think we are getting out in time to walk around again today so stay tuned for Day Three!!!

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