Day 7 - Favorite Vacation

Again I am linking up with Katie's Journey for her 30 Day Challenge!!

It is Day 7 - Favorite Vacation

I have to say, my family goes to Stone Harbor, NJ each year so that is definitely a favorite vacation that I get to have EACH YEAR!!! Who does not LOVE the beach?!?!?

Along with that awesome week I throw in a few long weekends for Conferences (Jackson's Mill and Cook's Forest) that help restore my peace of mind and strength and serenity!! YIPPEE...these also would definitely be favorites!!!

And finally, many many many weekends at the lake (whenever possible whether it is summer, winter, spring or fall - the lake is always amazing!) and mommy and daddy live there too so double bonus - HA!!!!

Any vacation is a favorite vacation to me!!!


  1. That fire looks so inviting! I'm so ready for colder weather to sit around a fire and roast marshmallows with friends :)

  2. I love weekends at the lake! Those are some of my favorite memories!

  3. Nice! Anytime with people you love is always great :)

  4. The beach! I must get there this year. We have amazing beaches, but I hardly ever go to one unless I am on an overseas holiday.. funny isn't it?


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