Hod Podge Catch Up

Hi All!!

I have been a horrible blogger lately...between not having much to say and being really, really busy at work - it seems like I post weekly if that!!!

We went to see Phantom of the Opera last week and it was amazing!!! I love spending time with my sisters and mom and the play itself was just great!!! (Mom got us the tickets for our birthdays this year). Everyone stayed over at the condo and then we went to the outlets in Washington, PA - I forgot my camera that day though.

Anyway here are the pics of the Phantom night...
Kerry, Mom and Susie (L to R)

Susie, Kerry and Mom (L to R)

Fun night with my favorite people!!

Last weekend (Sept 18th) I was the Chairperson of an event that is called a Day of Sharing. They are soo much fun - everyone in the program gets together and shares their experiences and knowledge and it turned out great!!! All the speakers did amazing and the food was amazing and my cookies were a hit too. I made 160 sugar cookies with out group symbol on the top of them and they looked great...here is a pic of the cookies!

This weekend we are all going to Penn State for the final family game in the box....:-(

I will definitely have pics of that - I promise!!!

One to boring life stuff: This is a pic of my breakfast today at work....I ate my greek yogart and am not eating three of my not so famous weight watchers fiber chocolate balls....in the pic did you notice the lollypops too!?!??!?

This is my new obsession.....they are Tootsie roll Caramel Apple Pops!!! I think they may only make them at Halloween....soooo yummy and weight watchers approved as a snack...

I do however, need to get back in line with my proportions of food and exercise...Ihave been eating WAY too much and not excercising at all lately....this is my plan to change this around today!!!!!!!

I will let you know if I made it to the gym today in tomorrows post!!!


  1. Glad you are back!! Now, those suckers? Love them too. The cookies look great and let us know if you made it to the gym!


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