Weight Loss 2017

This is the final leg of my weight loss journey!!

You can read about the first part on the About Me tab of my blog.

I had already lost a large amount of weight and took a little maintenance break. After re-gaining a little and maintaining a while - I am now down to the last (approx) 55 pounds.

I am losing this weight by exercise and eating correct portions only...no pills, no products, no promotions! I am going to list my actual weight every time I update to keep myself accountable...it is important for me to see that there is no shame in the numbers, only shame in not changing them! Right?!?! Also, I am taking all the data right from my fitbit and posting here.

Here we go....let's ALL make 2017 our best year!!!

January 4, 2017                (starting weight, UGH!)

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