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New Life and Experiences

WOW! It has been a long time since I have posted!!! I cannot believe that I last posted last year!!! It has been crazy and I will try to catch you up as much as possible and then I promise to post often!!

So, that opportunity I blogged about last year for work came through! I got my dream job!! I am a traveling trainer! Life has been so good and exciting and busy that I have not been able to blog.

I hope to step this up in the future because I have some seriously fun stuff to share with you.

So.....below is where I am working now!! I am with a major corporation and traveling back and forth each week from Pittsburgh, PA to South Bend, IN and I am loving every second of it!

This is about two miles from my companies location in Indiana.

This is a really cool Riverwalk that is in Mishawaka, Indiana. I go here a lot to walk and jog. There will be many more posts on this in the future

Even with the crazy travel schedule, I made it to Columbus to see my sister a few weekends to help with makeup fo…