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Dance Like No-one is Watching

Another great weekend in the books!!!

Traveled to Columbus again!!! My nieces had their yearly dance recital on Saturday and it was completely amazeballs!

Also, since I was already there, I had the honor of being invited to my nieces birthdays party that was scheduled for Sunday - I am one lucky chick!

May I present to you two of my favorite dancers on the planet!!! Not to toot my own horn (TOOT TOOT) but I am official hair and makeup lady! Whoop! That is me on the left and the girls on the right - HA!

My adorable nephew - it's a little dark but he fixed the front of his hairdo also - he was pretty styling for his sisters show!
 Here is the after show celebration! I used to dance and we got applause - that is all - applause. Now they get flowers, balloons, candy and cars - WOWSA! The girls did awesome!

This is all five kids (my little sisters three and my brothers two). Everyone came to watch the show!

My nephew spent a lot of the weekend showing off his magician skills! That is his sta…