Sunday Half Marathon Raceday

Well, we are three days away from my first half marathon. Needless to say, the time went sooooo fast since signing up and I have not trained AT ALL!!!
I work out almost every night (6 out of 7 days) for normally at least two hours. Some days it is hour of spin and hour of Zumba, others it is hour of Cardio HipHop and hour of Zumba, and others it is hour of Eliptical Trainer and hour of Cardio HipHop. But I get a lot of cardio in and then lift weights in between here and there.
Well, I signed up intending to train but I love my Zumba, Spin and HipHop so much and it has been sooo cold here that I could not force myself to get on the treadmill. So, yesterday I realized that I have four days until I have complete (see, I did not say run or jog ha ha) 13.1 miles!!! WOWSA!!! Sounds really daunting!!
So, yesterday after work I went out to the trail and got a run, jog, walk in....I went 10 miles and felt pretty good!!! I was a little tight for the first half so I think if I rest from now until Sunday I will be golden for the half marathon.
Time will tell but I sure hop I can make it across the finish....time does not matter AT ALL to me this year the "beat last years time" bar will be set verrrry low - hee hee!!!
So here is all my racing gear!!!....
Tried a few of these in the last 10K I did and I am convinced they work!!! And they are soooooo yummy too!!! You don't have to ask me more than once to eat candy and run!
I think this will be great....inner thigh issues averted!! If anyone (pssst Julie: knows where else to put this pleasse fill me in on the secret....)
My upgraded fanny pack.....I have asthma so I have always used a fanny pack for my inhaler, keys, ipod, etc. and this one has an added bonus of refreshment....perfect to sip while I eat my beans that require liquid when you chew them.
And this is what goes in my water bottle. I tried a tablet yesterday when I did my trial 10 miler and I am not sure if it helped me stay hydrated but it definitely tastes yummy!
Wish me luck......I think I am going to need it!!!!
On to pretty things.....Here are my patio plants ...planters with herbs and my beautiful clematis....these flowers remind me of my Grandma Wells for some reason...
Another view...more planters...
My beautiful fuscia and more herbs
Another planter...
and tomatoes...
My co-worker Paul (one of the release the Firkins) buried me in the sand in my desk playset...does this signify something?!?!?!?

Hope you all are having a great week!!!!!!



  1. YEAH!! I can't wait to hear about your half!I like the nuun but we ran out and I haven't found anyone in town that carries it yet. I bought a GU brand to try for Sunday's long run. I was doing the regular of the sports beans. I'm going to try something different in case those are the reason I had my bathroom scare last week ;)


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