Chocolate induced coma

Happy Tuesday all!! CONGRATS to all my blog buddies that are doing soooooo amazing on their weight loss journeys - I read your blogs this am and am sooooo impressed!!!!! I will be joining back in the ring of watching what I eat as of today!!!

I had a great night spinning last night! Burnt more calories then ever and just felt like I could spin all night...could be due to the fact that I took off about three days in a row over Easter! I went to class with my muscles WELL rested! HA!

I am back on track though! After eating my own weight in chocolate on Easter Sunday (I gave it up for lent so on Easter I shoveled in everything I could find that was chocolate) - so much for will-power!

Happy week to you all!!!


  1. No more chocolate! haha. I've been good only ate those 2 kisses and a tiny bit of cake. Cake seems to be my "I can't pass" thing. We are done with birthdays for awhile TG!

  2. Yummy Easter Chocolate! Hey, you got it all off! Got the spoons! I am doing my "review" later this week!


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