BFF Trip

My friend Laura took me on a little weekend trip with her this Fall. We went to Seven Springs and spent a girls weekend together. Seven Springs is a well known ski resort in our area and for th eoff season they come up with really creative and fun events. It was great! We stayed in the hotel at Seven Springs and enjoyed the Fall Festival they had there. Here we are at the mini golf course in the hotel...

This was our view from the room patio...It was pouring all weekend and we had the sewer drain outside of our window so we pretended that it was our own personal waterfall!!! Lemonade out of lemons, right?!?!

Here is a shot of the grounds...

A little selfie action...

Working out selfie....thank goodness we did this a little and walked around a lot because food was included all weekend and we ATE! Seriously yummo!!

We took a long hike in the woods and down trails around the property and saw how really beautiful nature can be...

Many ponds with swans...white...

and black...they were all so elegant as they just glided around in the lake! Serenity and peace!!

And on our last day these little babies came popping out of the storm drain...more lemonade!! I love kittens!! They were so cute to watch!!! There were more hiding inside...

What a great weekend with an even greater friend! I love you lots Laura!!! Thank you for taking me on this weekend of fun, bonding and friendship!

Where do you like to hang with the girlfriends?
Any special activities?
Do you ski? water? snow?
Cats or dogs or both?

Have a fantastic week ya'll!!!!!


  1. That looks like a beautiful place minus the sewer drain lol


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