Day 12 Halloween Challenge

Hi everyone! Sorry for my absence...I have been a blank slate. I just have not felt like blogging lately although I have been reading all of yours like it is my JOB! HA

I have decided that maybe I should join a blog challenge to get me back into the mood of writing...sooo here goes!

I am jumping in on JNW's Halloween Challenge - you can read about it here! It goes for the whole month of October and I am only a few days late in joining, right?

Today's theme is Bobbing for Apple's.

I have not bobbed for apples lately but I do have an awesome apple story! I went the the mountains last weekend with a close girlfriend for a girls weekend away! It was awesome and we had so much fun! I was excited to spend time with Laura and equally excited to have access to crisp, fall apples. What better place than a weekend long Fall Festival right? WRONG! LOL!

We stopped at a little roadside stand on the way to the hotel we were staying at and bought about ten delicious looking Jonagold apples! As soon as I got in the car I ate one...first bite...ICK! So mealy! So old! So disappointed! I did not have the heart to go back in and return them (sweet little old man running the tiny store) so I called it a donation to his livelyhood and we threw them out the window one at a time to feed the wildlife as we drove to the hotel to check in.

Needless to say, I did not have one single apple that weekend! After I dropped Laura off on Sunday I swung by a local orchard, Trax Farms, and grabbed a bag of Jonagolds! As soon as I got to the car I ate one....AMAZING! I love fresh, crisp fall apples!!

Anyone else and apple snob?! I just cant even stand the texture of an old apple. Just me?!?

Hope you all have an amazing day! #JNW


  1. lol too funny! At least it's pretty! My family hates mushy apples too.


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