Being an Aunt is Awesome!!!

I had the pleasure of spending a long weekend with my adorable nieces and nephews. I have more that are older but this is all the little ones that still think I'm cool! HA

We did two separate nights of trick or treat. Both my sister and brother live in Columbus and their trick or treat nights were different so you KNOW we went to both!!!

This is night one! It was great weather and my sister and I got lots of exercise running with the kids from house to house.

My sister hosted an end of the year soccer party for my nephews friends and we made these from Pinterest! It was a Pinterest Win - Rice Crispy Pumpkins!

I spent lots of time cuddling and snuggling! Apparently the kids were all talking about what they thought happened with me and the man. They overheard that I was coming to Columbus earlier since me and Mark broke up. They told their friends mom that they were so excited to see me for the weekend since I decided not to be in love with him anymore. LOL - don't they make it seem easy? That's pretty much it too so why does this seem SOOO hard?!?!? Ugh!

We went to a school visit and I got to eat lunch with all the kids in the fun! My sister found Austin hiding in the janitors closet!

 This is the kids waiting for the school bus...such little cuties!!!

At the school lunch day - chicken nugget day!!!!!! Seriously. I struck gold on the day I went - LOVE nuggets!!! And so does Maddy as you can see!!!!

And lastly trick or treat Round 2!

My sister has a fountain and gold course in her back yard and the kids spent Sunday fishing balls out of the lake in the backyard. Then Maddy and Ryan decided it was a good idea to wash them....trouble trouble....HA!!!!

I hope everyone has a great week! Thanks again for all the support with the breakup! Your comments and encouragement definitely helps so much!

Anyone else go trick or treating multiple times?

Anyone else still love school lunches?


  1. so much fun. I love my niece, and nephews.

    1. Thanks for the comment...did I mention that I love comments?!?!? HA! Isn't it great to have all those cute, little, sweet faces in our lives and then if they act up, send them home? HA HA
      Take care!


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