Day One in Heaven at the Jersey Shore

I am so happy to report that I am off to the beach! Yea me! Every year my family all gets together at the Jersey Shore. We all meet up and hang out for a fun family week...we have been doing this avery year since we we little kids. We go to Stone Harbor, NJ and it is my favorite place on the planet! As soon as I drive across the bridge into Stone Harbor I can feel my whole being just relax!

Another shot driving across the bridge into Stone Harbor, NJ

A picture of what I am here for! Love this beach!!!

Another picture of the beach at 96th street

My and one of my adorable nieces after one day of sun...

Another adorable niece as she awaits the lifeguard races....the lifeguards have running and swimming races for the kids to enter...all the little ones really love these!

All the kids that participated get a ribbon...she is so stinkin' cute, no?!

This is only day one...cannot wait to see wht fin the rest of the week brings!

Take me to the beach!

Have you ever been to the Jersey Shore or Stone Harbor? What is your favorite beach?


  1. I've only been to the North Carolina beach when I went to see Jess, everything else is here on the West coast :)

    1. That's so funny Julie...I have NEVER been on the West Coast...that is a future goal for me!


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