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One of the first blogs I ever really "fell for" was A Blonde Ambition by Leslie Sisti. I found her blog through Kelly at Kelly's Korner. Kelly hosted a Dating Match-up and I read that Leslie actually found an amazing guy Stephen through that blog connection. I could not believe that you could find someone that way so i started following Leslie and sure enough...I read her blog through the engagement, marriage and two adorable little baby girls. I feel like she is a part of my friendship circle and her family is important to me although we have never actually met! This is why I love blogging!

Earlier this year Leslie began sharing some very vague information about medical complications with her heart. She never really shared specific details only that she was in and out of hospital stays and also asked for prayers for herself and her family while she was away. She was released from the hospital this past spring and seemed to be doing okay. She posted a few weeks ago that…

Weekend Wrapup in 8 Shots

What an amazing weekend! I just can't figure out how they go so darn quick though!!!! Someone posted the above and below pictures on my Facebook wall this weekend and I had to share them with you!!!!  I am getting ready to hit the beach very soon for a very looooooong awaited vacation and thought the shark cages above were hilarious! Apparently this picture is for real too...Wowsa~~~~ The shirt below sums up my running lately! After I finished the Pittsburgh Half Marathon in May I quit running for a while - I just felt like I needed a break.  Now I am training (along with my sister) to run the Hershey Half Marathon in October and every run is painful...I am hoping that turns around soon!!!

I am still grieving Angelica (my adorable 11 year old cat that I just had to put to sleep) but I could not have asked for a better pair of kittens. They are keeping Kidrock (he lost his sister that he has never spent a day without) busy which I think is helping him immensely and they are all getti…

5 on Friday/Friday Fives/Friday Favorites/Hey Friday/Furday

I am using this Friday to make it Furday...

I am now going to link up with all my favorite people for the Friday fun and show my Furday Favorities!!!

1. First is Angelica...she was 11 and I just put her to sleep this week :-(  She is in a better place I am sure.

2. Second is Lucky. She was 17 when I put her to sleep a few years ago...I still love and miss her everyday!

3. Third is Kidrock. He is Angelica's 11 year old brother. Right now he is at home trying to keep two new little kittens under control until I get home from work! HA

4. Forth is my new little darling Trouble. He is 14 weeks young and is into everything!!

5. And fifth is my other new darling Nermal. He is also 14 weeks young and is such a drama king. He is always vocalizing something.

It's gonna be chaos for a while but I would not be happy any other way!!!!

Thanks to all the amazing hosts for hosting this each week!!!!!

Please comment and tell me all about your fur babies...I know how to reply and I promise I will! Also…

New York 2015-Day Two (Part Two)

Hi everyone!!! Hope you all are having an amazing Friday!!! I am sure you have been holding your breath for Part Two of my New York Trip so here it is! Part two consists of Day Two! Anyone that missed Day One - you can catch up HERE...

We were leaving at 6PM that night and all of our luggage had to be back on the charter bus at 7AM ...we then ran to the subway (trolley as I call it in Pittsburgh, ha) to try to make it down to the 9-11 Memorial by our ticket time of 9AM. This is the one thing we bought tickets to ahead of time as we wanted to make sure we would get in.

This is our subway station selfie...Not sure what was going on with my eyes - ha!

This awesome sign was on the subway...we were laughing so hard! The sign implied to us stripper pole dancing but if you google subway dancing you will see what they are referring to. Apparently this is a thing for people to swing from pole to pole, etc fully clothes of course...HA!

Then this sign below was next to the pole dancing tho…

New York 2015-Day One (Part One)

I cannot wait to share with you all the amazing time I had with some work friends that have been in my life for YEARS! 
Initially it was supposed to be four of us women that have know each other forever but our one friend had to bail out of the trip so it was just the tree of us. What an amazing time we had though!

This is me, Linda and Sheila (in that order left to right) on the bus at the very start of the trip! It was a bus trip through McCarter Coach and Tour to New York City for two days!!! Awesome!

Sheila brought us each a bracelet so that we matched and they knew if one of us was lost who we belonged with...she was totally serious! LOL! It was the thought that counted! I am wearing it daily now!!!!

Made them take a selfie by the side of the bus!

It was about 8 hours drive in the bus from where we started in PA to NYC. The bus was great - had a restroom and was clean and comfy!!! Our tour guide kept us entertained the entire time to New York. She told stores about what could do whe…