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Transformation Thursday - Loving Every Step of My Journey

If you are my friend on Facebook then you saw a little mini blurb of this post already today.

I decided, upon reflecting, that it deserves a complete blog post of its own.

 My journey to health has been a long and winding one. It has taken many years, many tears, many motivational people in and out of my life, many hours of sweat, a few pounds lost and gained back and lost again! The photo below is me (one the left is 1996 and the right was last weekend). In that time I have lost over 150 pounds but gained so much more!

I had not really ever stopped to think when I decided to start trying to lose weight and become healthy until I got this picture via text from my sister yesterday.

She sent it because she came across it and was stunned by my size. She did not remember me ever being this big. I kind of chuckled because I definitely remember and, after a little reflecting, I remember what turned things around for me. Its not what most people are probably thinking. I read a lot of blogs that …

Fall swap

I joined in on the Fall Swap hosted by Four fantastic women and the swap was awesome!!!

I was paired with Renee from Married and Hungry and I loved everything she sent me!!! What an awesome swapper she is!! This was her first swap and she chose everything I would have chosen for myself. In fact, if you check oput her blog you will see we sent each other a lot of the same things! HA - Great minds, etc....

 He was the awesome package I saw waiting outside my door!!!!

Here is a "loot" shot!!!

This adorable candy dish!!! Love love love!!!!

And also some amazing crock pot sauce! I cannot wait to try this!!!!

I got these from another swap and they are amazing!!!!!! Work perfectly in my scentsy!!!

I actually baked these already!!!!!!! So delish and my work peeps thank her also as they enjoyed the treat too!

And last but not least, this awesome scarecrow that looks adorable on my picture table!

Thanks so much Renee!!! I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I enjoyed mine!!! You are an awesome…

Boss's Anniversary Dinner

Friday night was spent at Baywood with my boss, his wife and a few co-workers. The company had a celebratory dinner in honor of his 15 years of service (as he kept reminding us it is 16 now! HA)

This is the menu for the evening - I had the tilapia and it was amazing!

This is the group picture that the bartender took for us! Terrible! HA HA But it is the only one so I have to post it! Sorry.....This is me and a few of my co-workers and my boss and his wife.

 This was a shot of the fountains out back! It is so beautiful here! It is called Baywood and it is fantastic scenery and the food is outstanding!

This was my outfit selfie that morning. Now, since I have lost about 40 pounds so far I am able to wear this Loft sweater - I was so happy that morning!

This is my boss in the middle with me and his two other team leads and a young lady he used to work with. Such a fun night!

This is the table setup! Beautiful

And this is after dinner. As you can tell, I am looking a little stuffed! I was!!!


Penn State Game Weekend

What an amazing Saturday I had!!

 My parents picked me up in Pittsburgh and we all drove to Harrisburg together to meet up with my sister. She got us tickets to the Penn State vs Ohio State last Saturday and it was an awesome day!

Got my nails ready with some amazing Jamberry designs (purchase here  just click on shop at the top). As you can tell, I was rooting for Penn State!

This is a car selfie on the way to the game of me and my mother! Love her!!!!!!!

This is a family selfie...ha! This is all my family that was at the game (L to R-my Dad, me, brother in law Steve (we met him there), Mom and then Sister)

Here I was attempting a picture of the lot - the tailgates were amazing~! So much fun~and I don't even drink!!

 This is the cheerleaders and band parading into the stadium before the start of the game!

And another...

And another...If these are your kids, your welcome!

Here is us at our seats waiting for the start of the game! 

Here is a shot of the field and crowds during warmups...…

Five On Friday!

Today I am linking up four of my favorite bloggers for Five on Friday!

I was thinking when I was getting ready for work this morning how much I love my favorite makeup.  Every now and then I switch it up but normally, for day to day looks, I use the same things everyday in the same way and I love them all! I do not know what I would do if they discontinue my colors, etc.  HA

So, I thought what a perfect Five on Friday post! Well, here they are! My favorite GO TO's for my everyday look!

For your enjoyment (Ha Ha) I have added a selfie that I posted to Facebook this morning! This is after the makeup routine was done and I tried on a sweater that I have not been able to wear yet. I got it at the Loft a year or more ago and it has never fit. I recently lost over 40 pounds! I started the weight loss with the 24 day Advocare Challenge and have since then just continued on with healthy eating and working out and NOW IT FITS!!! I am losing about 5 pounds a week steadily!!! Yippeee!!

First I …

Walmart Beauty Box October

If you read my blog then you know I am a big fan of getting presents for myself. I have no significant other and I love gifts and presents - soooo I found a work around! 

I signed up for a lot of subscription boxes. I have tried them all! The only problem is that I am also kind of cheap so if it is not a value I quit pretty quickly! 

My all time favorites are Ipsy (a beauty product box) and Stridebox (running product box). They are reasonably priced and NEVER fail to excite!!! 

I have also recently quit a few (Grazebox and Birchbox because they are not worth the subscription value - in my opinion).

Recently, I came across one that I had not tried so I signed up!!!! It is called the Walmart Beauty Box!!! I just got my first one and it rocks!! It is chock full of full sized samples and all things that I cant wait to try!!!

Here is the box when it arrived!!!

A LARGE sample of Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream - I have wanted to try this but was way to cheap to buy it in case I did not like…

October Ipsy

As you hear me say every month - I LOVE IPSY!!

This month is no exception!

Here is the cute bag for this months stash!!!

This face wash is AWESOME!!! It is my new favorite! It leaves my skin so soft and smooth and I swear my makeup goes on smoother also!!!

This polish rocks!! I have it on my nails in the picture below! It has a finish like that sand polish only it is not gritty at all. The dry polish is smooth on your is an awesome neutral color!! Also, it is a full size product sample!!

This is a lotion sample - I have not used this yet but I will keep you posted!

I LOVE this sample!! This is the most awesome color of lipstick ever!!! It is Noyah and it's called Deeply in Mauve.  My new favorite!!!

I like the color so much I took a selfie this morning after I tried it on!!! HA

 I also got this full size sample of Mascara. It is by Model Co and so far I am loving it!!!

IPSY never disappoints!!! It is the best subscription box every month!!! So much so that I finally took the BI…