StrideBox Rocks

 Many of you know from my posts each month that I love my StrideBox the most out of all my subscription boxes that come each month. Well now I have an even better reason to love them!! Just when I thought they could not get any better I got this...
What?!?!? A damaged and empty StrideBox was brought to my house by the USPS. Lovely. I shot out a quick email to customer service at StrideBox asking what I could or should do now and the letter below is what I got back from them...

 Here is their response - within about two hours I was sent the email below...

Seriously!!! Can you beat that?!??! LOVED the company and product before and NOW I think they are seriously the best with customer service also!!!!!!!!! If you are a runner or biker you need to check this out! They send you a box of awesome samples every month. The samples just keep getting bigger and better every month! I promise you will love it!!

On a side note:  I had to run into the mall to pick something up the other day and went into the entrance for Macy's. I never think to go to Macy's to shop but was walking by an awesome shoe sale! If you have not been to it you should look! I got the two pairs of shoes below (one pair of Sperry flip flops and the other Tommy sandals) for under $40 with my coupons and the sale!!!!!!! WHAT?!?! Yes, seriously! What a deal!! Run don's walk to your nearest Macy's shoe department!! You are welcome!

Have a great Hump DAY yinz!!!!!


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