Stone Harbor = Heaven


Sorry for the extremely long and unintended break!

I meant to go away for a week and it has been wayyyyyy longer!

I was enjoying my week long vacation away and then I had to play catch-up for days afterwards! ICKY!

But, I am back now and I would like to formally thank you for not de-following me!! ha ha

Below is the vacation pictures and an update on the trip - I went to Stone Harbor, NJ...It is by far my very favorite beach on this planet. Both because it is a great, clean, family oriented beach and because it is very sentimental to me also.

I promise that there are not many as I was focusing on enjoying the break and did not take a lot of pics at all!

Here are my vacation nails! I wanted to select a bright beach color along with some Jamberry wraps! I think I loved them all week long!!! You can order your own here...
...there are over 300 styles to choose from and they last over two weeks!!!

Since vacation is when the whole family is together, we decided to celebrate my little sisters birthday while we were all together...even though it was a few weeks early. Any excuse for an ice cream cake right?!?!? 

We always run the Ron Jaworski 5K (fights childhood obesity) when we are on vacation in Stone Harbor. This year some of the little kids joined in and ran too! I love that they are running with us and enjoy coming along at such a young age!!!This is our pre-race group photo!

This was our one family dinner night out. We cook in every night and only eat out on one special night - this year we went to Sylvester's in Avalon - YUM!!!!

 This is our awesome family pyramid on the beach!!! The only ones that were with us on vacation that were missing were my Mom and Dad and Brother in Law.  LOVE IT!!!!

Here is the family waiting to ride on the free jitney to go to the Stone Harbor Craft Fair. It is huge and lots of fun...we got to this every year also!

And this is me braving a lesson and 1 hour paddle board session on the bay! I loved every second of this! Once you get stable and comfortable, this was soooo much fun! I cannot wait to try it again!!!

Thanks for sticking with me through my bloggy break! I am back!


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