Beauty Box 5

The Beauty Box 5 is my lastest addition to my subscription boxes. If you have never tried subscritpion boxes, they are sooo fun!

It is like sending your self a little gift each month. I LOVE gifts!!

You go to the site and order the subscription (Beauty Box 5 is $12/month or $30 for a quarter). You then answer a few questions about yourself so that you are sent samples of things you want and can use every month!

Below is the loot in my Beauty Box 5 for this month...

Here is the awesomeness opened...

This list is included to explain the products in your box and also pricing - if you like it you know how much it is to purchase...

I received this awesome sample and loved it!!! It is a very gentle and awesome smelling scrub!!!

I cant wait to try this! I love mint so I think I am going to love this - I have so many right now that I may save this for winter!!!

Lord knows my color treated hair can use all the help it can get. I will try this the next weekend I am home and looking for something to do - HA!

I am really excited to try this mascara! It is Revlon Bold so I am hoping it lives up to its name!

And finally, I am way excited to try this!!! I am probably to only adult that does not own a lip pencil. I just have no idea how to use this! I am going to watch some youtube videos and try it out though!! I am really excited since I like the color too!!
Check out Beauty Box 5 if you feel like you DESERVE to pamper yourself - I know I do!!!

Fun little gift each month - LOVE!


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