Jamberry Consultant

I am sooo pleased to announce that I am now officially a JamBerry Consultant!

I love these nail wraps so I am more than happy to work for this company!!

The nail wraps will stay on for over 2 weeks. For each pattern you select, you will receive a large sheet with 20 individual wraps on it.

You will cut each wrap in half and simply heat it with a hair dryer and then stick it on clean (or polished) nails.  Press the whole thing down firmly making sure to focus around the edges and you are done!!! Simply file off the extra from the end of the nail.  Complete video instructions are also available oin the website too! They are so easy and protect you and your children from the polish fumes and also NO FILING the nailbed!! These will protect and allow your real nails to grow underneath with no damage to the real nail!

Also, no drying time!!! Perfect for the little children that want to have painted nails and cannot sit stilll long enough to let them dry - no more polish on the rugs and furniture!!

RIGHT NOW - there is a buy three and get one free special! Please come check it out - I promise you will love them and save lots of money and nail damage from manicures!!

Here are just a few of the examples of what is available! Many more on my website HERE...

You can select to do all of your nails or just do one or two on each hand for a pop of design.

Also, if you are interested...I could assist you in hosting a Jamberry Facebook party! I woudl love to put this together for you and your facebook friends! It will allow you to introduce your friends to this awesome new product while at the same time earning free products for yourself!!

Please email me with any questions on my website HERE. I would LOVE to hear from you!

Hope you have a great day!!!! Thanks for checking this out!


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