I csnt believe hpw late I am posting this! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ipsy and I look forward the getting this awesome little envelope each month!! It is only 10$ a month to have this beautiful little gift waiting for you once a month - I deserve it!! If you want one, get  yours here!!!

Each month all your samples come in a cute little cosmetic case!! Love every one that I have gotten so far!!!

Here is my perfume sample. I was not pleased about this one as I have so much perfume already and the sprayer broke the first time I sprayed it to smell :-(   ICK!

And an eyebrow pencil. I was encited to try this as my eyebrows are getting lighter with age and I think I finally need to use one of these!! Also, as you can see - a lot of the samples in Ipsy are full size - love this!

This stuff was great!! I used this in place of my usual Frizz Ease and I liked it as much if not more! I will definitley be ordering this!!! It kept my hair smooth and felt nice and light!!! LOVED

 I have not used this yet but can't wait until I have a night out to try it!!! Shimmering eyeliner in blue - yippee!!!

 Also, I got this lipgloss by NYX...it felt great on except maybe a little too thick...I think this will go to my nieces eventually!~

 Again, if you are looking for a subscription box to be sent right to your to be able to try new products, Ipsy is the one.  FULL SIZ SAMPLES!! Sign up here!!!

I hope you all have a great week~~~


  1. I am obsessed with the NYX butter gloss, I have literally been wearing it everyday! I wish I would have gotten blue the eyeliner! I got some ugly green color. Barf lol


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