#30SummerDays - I'm in!! - Day 2

Work has gotten crazy busy with multiple new projects and while that is good for job security, I am ready to rip out my hair on some days! I do not even get to take a lunch most days which is when I read all your blogs and write mine!!! I NEED TO CATCH UP!!

I have been having a hard time blogging lately so I found this blog challenge to post a picture each day that relates to the theme of that day...I am in! It's the #30SummerDays Challenge!

So as it is June 2nd...the theme for today's photo is "Monday, ugh! What's keeping you going today?" The answer to that has got to be my fun weekend memories! I packed a while lot of fun into my weekend and right now, at work, all I can think of is I wish it were still Saturday!!!

So, technically, the first two things did not happen on the weekend but I had to include them because they were both pretty amazing!! First my new lobster (blue crayfish) molted his shell already!! I got home from work last week and saw what is pictured below. I thought he was upside and dead until I got closer and saw him in the back of the tank checking me out!! HEE See his old shell in the front?!?! Weird, hugh??

Then went to see the movie Heaven is for Real and had almost the whole theater to ourselves!!! crazy!!!! That is my niece three rows back waving.....she is my new roommate for a few weeks!!! YIPPEE!!!

Then I drove to Harrisburg to run the Hershey Color Run with my sister!! This is us at the start of the race....I am on the left and she is on the right.

Here is our selfie!!! Pre-race!!!

We found the unicorn and you know I was not about to let him go without a picture!!!

Here is a picture of the corral...there were 5,000 running on this day!!! WOWSA~~~

And here we are a the end....very dirty!!!

 A post-race selfie...

And finally, a shot of the group we ran with...I am blocked in the back and CANNOT be seen at all!! HA HA!!

So, now you see!!! PLEASE BRING BACK SATURDAY!!!

Hope yinz all have an amazing week!!!


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