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Had to pop in and let the world know how blessed I am!!!

My birthday is this weekend (Sunday to be exact) and since I took a vacation day on Friday, my co-workers surprised me with a decorated cubicle today! How cute is this!?!?! LOVE IT!!

I was sooo excited when I walked into the office today - they made my whole week!!!

 And this is my awesome cake!! I may, or may not have, had a ginormous piece of this fudgy goodness for breakfast along with my spinach and beet shake!! LOL!!

 They even left me some amazingly awesome gifts!!!! Jenna got me the Buxom collection - she knows it my favorite lip glass on the planet! 

The Popcorn is from Sheila whom I have known and worked with forever (she worked with my father years ago too)!!! It is chocolate covered popcorn!!!!!!! YUM!!!!!!!!

And on a final adorable note:  My baby bluebirds at work are ready to fledge which means they will leaving the nest within the next few days!! :-(   

WOW!  Off to a good start - successfully fledged 5 baby birdies this …

My First Blog Selfie

You know I must truly LOVE my new friend Sherri at GodLifeHappyWife when I take a selfie!

We recently participated in a Color Swap hosted by the Amazing Chaotic Goddess!!!

I sent her things of her favorite color (Purple) and she sent me things of mine (Yellow).

Everything she sent was awesome and you can read about it HERE.

I promised a selfie when I used the purse and necklace - well, here it is - it only took me a day!  I definitely think work will see these items at least twice a week! I LOVE a pop of color in a neutral outfit!!

And now it is really clear why I do not write a fashion blog! The pics of my style is horrible! You guys find these great locations with beautiful backdrops and even better poses to show off your outfit and pairing choices and I have a mirror in the bathroom!!!! HEE  Oh well, we do what we can!!

Thanks again Sherri!! I love everything you sent and feel very blessed to have made a new friend in the process!!!

Happy Thursday yinz!

Color Swap

Time to recap the fun!!!

I am sooo excited to say that I participated in the Favorite Color Swap hosted by Beth and in the process met a truly amazing woman, Sherri, that I can now call my new friend and bloggy friend!

My new friend Sherri can be found HERE at her adorable blog space where she blogs about her family, faith, fashion and other miscellaneous things!! He favorite color is purple!! Make sure you check out her blog! She is an amazing woman that has overcome some obstacles in her life and still has an amazing outlook on life and faith - not to mention AWESOME fashion style - which I admit I lack - hee!!

She wrapped everything in this beautiful tissue paper with ribbons and sunflowers and I thought I had taken a picture but sadly I cannot find it!?!?

Here is my note from my new buddy!!!

And now, onto the awesomeness that was inside!!!!  She sent me this adorable purse!!! This has already in two days become my FAVORITE summer purse!!! I LOVE the yellow and it is the perfect size f…

Jacksons Mill Spring 2014

I cannot believe that I forgot to post about my amazing conference weekend!!!! I recently went to the Jackson's Mill 4H Camping location for a conference! It was amazing as always!!! I roomed with Laura (AKA Nancy) and we had such a great time!!! We roomed in Jackson's Lodge. This is the view from our balcony looking out onto the camp!!

This is a painting at the Jane Lew truck stop! It is a local painter and I SWEAR that is Jesus in the middle of the war! See him, in the white clothes and sandals?!?!? No-one believes me! My favorite painting ever though!!

These are the lovely women I was blessed to spend the weekend with~~~ Laura in in the back and then Carm on the left and Donna on the right. These are three of the most amazing, strong, beautiful and loving women I have EVER KNOW!!!! I am so blessed that they are in my life!!!

Me and my roomie!!!!!!!

This is all of us waiting for one of the speakers to start!!!!! XOXO  I did not get any pictures of it but I had the honor thi…

5 on Friday

YEA!! Time for Five On Friday with the four lovely co-hostesses Liz, ChristinaDarci, and Natasha.


 My favorite day of the week both due to Five on Friday and the fact that I do not have to work for two days!!!

HEE :-)

Here we go!!!!!!!

ONE: This is my quote from the "Why Do You Run" board at the Marathon Expo in Pittsburgh. Thinking on the fly...HA HA!

TWO:  This is my bib and medal and also car sticker! You know I stuck that on the car within 1 hour of crossing that finish line for the Marathon last weekend!!!

THREE: I was amazing last week at work! I usually do not ever see the lobby as I use the side steps to get to my floor of the office. This week I used the elevator (sore legs from the race) and realized that we have a Foosball Table in our Lobby!!! I foresee a lot of lunches down there!!!!!

FOUR:  Speaking of work...I have these little cuties in my bluebird box at work!!! Five babies about 3-4 days old!!! Sooo adorable!!!

FIVE:  Below is a shot of my patio from the parki…

Meat and Potatoes Night Out

Last night me and two of my friends from work went to try out a new restaurant (new to us at least) in Pittsburgh called Meat and Potatoes.  We mad reservations long ago - apparently there is a long list for booking reservations so better safe than sorry. This is Jenna on the elevator - this picture was taken so we knew what floor we parked on in the garage - ha!!!

Here is the menu for Meat and Potatoes.  They kind of have a little of everything!

And the lovely atmosphere..we scheduled our dinner early around 5:30 but the place filled up entirely within the hour!

The waiter brought us our water in these cute little glass jars...

My appetizer is pictured below...fried pickles! YUMMO!!! Seriously amazing! This is my new favorite thing on the PLANET!!! I get them everywhere now!! They were awesome!

This is Jenna's was delish also! She had devils on horseback (sorry she got three but I forgot the pic before she started eating).  If I remember correctly it was a fig, bacon, j…


Happy Wednesday yinz!! This is going to be a SERIOUS random post!

Below is my "cleaned-up" Marathoner picture!!  I got my co-worker to take my photo wearing my 2014 Pittsburgh Marathon Finishers medal!!! Whot!  I think I am going to milk the finishers thing for a long time!!! :-)

And this is a close-up of the bling!!!! Soooooooooo  worth it!! Yea!!!

 This is the field at work where my bluebird boxes are located! We participate in Wildlife Sustainability where I work and I have the pleasure of monitoring four bluebird nesting boxes!

I am happy to report - I had five eggs last week...this week I have five baby chicks!!!! YEA!!!!

The little bit of grossness pictured below was in my expensive salad from Panera yesterday!!! YUCK!! I NORMALLY love the fuji apple salad and got one for lunch. Apparently my Panera was out of RIPE tomatoes so they had these all throughout my salad - I think I picked out at least ten! They were hard and sour!! YUCK!!! Just leave them out next time for…

Pittsburgh Marathon May 4, 2014 Recap

I am sure that this is just one of the many posts I will use to write about my first (AND ONLY) marathon!

So I awoke at 3:30AM on Sunday May 4th, 2014.  My four alarms were not set to go off until 5AM.  Guess I did not need all that back-up after all.  I set the alarm on my iPad, iPhone, Alarm clock and my FitBit! HA!!! OCD at all!?!?  When I woke up and remembered why I was up so early I was terrified. I was so terrified I would not finish. I did the training and was secure in that but I just kept thinking...I did not train hills...the hills are going to kill me.  Then my mind started racing. I could blow it all off!  I could lie and say I slept in or the alarm did not go off or I sprained my ankle.  But then I thought of how I would feel...I had to at least try! Even if I failed, at least I tried!! All those months of training kicked in!!! I suited up!!!

I arrived downtown at about you can see from my photo below - one of the first - HA! This is my Corral (D). I am a very s…