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5 on Friday

Yea!!!!!!! I love 5 on Friday.

I am linking up with the lovely host ladies listed above for five very miscellaneous things!

ONE:  I left for work this am and I think one of my sweet kitties is sick. She was hiding under the bed and would not even come out for a treat so I am worried. Hope by the time I get home tonight she is better!! Prayers for my sweetie!!

TWO:  Today is my little (and only) brothers birthday (He is the older one below - hee)! We like to call him JC (for Jesus Christ) just in a joking way.  My parents had each of us three girls and we tease that they just kept trying until they got their boy.  He is an awesome brother, awesome husband and awesome Dad to his two children! I am sooo proud of who he is and what he is! I love you and happy birthday from me!!!!!!!

THREE: Tomorrow is the anniversary of my Aunt Marti finding out that she is cancer-free. I think it is nine years now but I have to find that out! She is the adult in the picture below - hee hee!  She fought ova…

Ipsy Loot for March

Gotta love Ipsy!!! Each month it just gets better and better!!! It is such a toss up for me because I love Ipsy almost as much as I love Stridebox!!!

Here is my loot from March from Ipsy!!!

What a cute bag this month! I love this design sooo much!!

Bombshell eyeshadow! I have loved all the bombshell products I have tried so far so I think this will be great as well. Definitely need a night out on the town to try out these colors! The two copper shades are amazing!

This is lipstick from Bare Minerals. I love their powder foundation so I am sure this will be awesome too! I got the greatest shade too! Perfect for me!
Here is the box ...
This hand cream is awesome!!! I love trying all of these new products that I would never otherwise find. This feels awesome and smells just as good - it is my new lotion I carry around in my purse.
And this AWESOME polish! I love polish and this is soo cool looking! I am going to use it this weekend - it dries with speckles and texture....and the color is so …

StrideBox for March

I know I say this every month but I LOVE Stridebox!!!!

If you are a runner then you really need to check this out!!

Here is my box this month...

Cute right, little green for the holiday this month??!

Here is the list of what we included in the box, and where to go purchase each product- LOVE this!
Got these cute little lace lockers. I am going to try these on my laces for my long run this weekend.  I usually double-know but it is such a pain to get them off - HA!!
The token sticker - they are always cute!
Recovery drink - Trying this on Saturday too (after the long run)
I am going to use this tonight for Zumba and HipHop...I will need a little pick me up after I run 8 miles and then go to classes :-)
Saving this to enjoy one day soon!!!!!!!
Definitely excited to try this flavor - sounds yummy at least!!!
I am sure this will come in handy soon!!!!!!! I gave up massages and manis and pedis for lent and my feet are getting beat up from all this training!! :-)
What could be bad about Peanut B…

Marathon Anytime Soon?

Wowsa - I have not posted in a while.

Sorry about that - things have gotten busy and crazy!

I am sponsoring a new girl and as anyone that is a FOB knows, that takes A LOT of time! She is amazing and I am sooo blessed to have her in my life right now though!

Also, work has been awesome! BUT along with the awesome, downright busy and stressful!! Be careful what you wish for; you just might have all your dreams come true at once! HA HA! Thats all I can say on that subject!

I wanted to check in as marathon training is going really well. I am scheduled to run at the beginning of May and we are just a few short weeks out.

So far I have been able to train on my running days and still keep doing my "fun" exercises like Zumba and strength training like BodyPump.

Monday: Tanning and training run (now up to five miles) right after work and then home for and off for two classes at StudioFit (Zumba and BodyPump)
Tuesday: Day of rest in training and all together!
Wednesday:   Tanning and tra…

5 on Friday

It's my favorite day of the week and my favorite blog link-up of the week!!!  To join in the fun simply follow my friends Caroline, Darci, April and Natasha.  Then...   1.)  Write  your post about five things you're loving this week (or any five things you want to share!).

 2.)  Share the logo on your blog and link back HERE.  HAPPY 5 ON FRIDAY!!!!
ONE:  My Aunt Marti sent me this recipe for a new twist on my breakfast shake! Looks and sounds so yummy - I am going to try it this weekend before my long run (Marathon training run on Saturday is 16 miles this week).....

TWO:  This was my awesome workout yesterday! This run felt sooo great and it was my best per mile time yet!!!!

THREE:  I got these awesome Sperry boots for $3 at Macy's...yes, $3 at Macy's!!! They were $140 - marked down to $35 - with a $25 gift card and additional percentages off the total came to $3!!! Yea me!!! I am a sucker for a good deal!

FIVE:  Today is fun Friday at work!!! All kinds of yummy stuff her…

Still Training...

I figured I better check in and say hi amidst the Marathon Training!

I have not posted although I have still been reading all of your blogs daily!

My life consists of work, running and strength classes with a lunch or dinner with friends thrown in there (oh and a meeting here and there!).

I am over halfway through this marathon training and I have so many emotions already - I know WHEN I cross the finish line I am going to cry like a baby!

This is a lot of time, effort and determination (there are sooooo many days that I want to skip me training run and I have had to miss family things due to a long run begin on my schedule!)  HA HA

I know, once it is over I will be sooooo happy that I accomplished this but I do not think I will ever train for another one! I have great runs where i feel amazing and I know I have this and then there are crappy runs where I think I will never cross the finish line on race day! HA

Here is the completed runs so far (they are check marked on my chart below).

I am…

Week 8 - Already?!?!

So, I just checked my calendar of Marathon Training Runs and realized that I am officially into Week 8!!

WOWSA!! Today is my rest day - yippee!!

The Pittsburgh Marathon happens at the end of Week 16 so I am exactly 2 months away!!!


Here is what I have learned so far...

I have learned that some runs are going to feel easy and awesome and others will feel like crap from the 1st mile to the last!!! No matter the length too! Sometimes 4 miles is a piece of cake and other times it is excruciatingly long and painful - weird, I know!!

I lave learned that I need to do some serious experimenting with gels and energy chews...I have no idea when to eat these and I cannot even usually tell a difference in my running after I have eaten them...not sure what to do about this.  Any help from you runners out there?!?!?!

I am begging and praying for mother nature to bring Spring...I cannot handle another over ten mile run on the treadmill....ICK ICK ICK ICK!!! It is awful!!!!!!!

It take…