Marathon Training Day 3

Marathon Training Day 3...

Yesterday was a great day!

I love that I am training for the marathon but I do not want to miss my regular Zumba, HipHop and BodyPump classes because of it. My instructors all rock and the energy of the classes is amazing!!! I have had to modify my schedule instead...there will be no more TV in my future except on weekends - HA!!!

Here was yesterdays...

 5AM        Wake and get ready for work (pack breakfast and lunch, feed fur babies, pack gym bag with workout clothes)

5:30AM    Leave for work

6AM         Arrive at work

2:30          Leave work and stop at gym for five mile run

4:30         Home (eat dinner and get ready for Gym round 2)

5:00PM    Leave for Studiofit

5:30PM     BodyPump

6:30PM     Cardio HipHop

8:00PM     Home and shower

9:00PM     IN BED!!!!

According to my Body media all combined (Running, BodyPump and HipHop burned a total of over 2000 calories...needless to say I slept VERY WELL last night!!!!

Ha!!!  Today is a shorter run of three miles. I brought my gym bag to work early again and will stop on the way home and then decide if I will do other exercise or not tonight...I will see how I feel! hee


  1. crazy girl you are going to be living at the gym lol


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