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If you’ve taken part in FMM then you know the rules. If you’re new, please take a moment to answer this week’s question on your own blog then add your link in the comments section here on so we can all see your FMM questions and answers. Please invite your blog readers to add their links here too!! Let's ALL make some new friends!!!  Here goes...

1.  Meat and potatoes or pasta?  Definitely pasta!!

2.  Do you prefer Apple or Android? Apple; although I have never tried Android...hee!

3.  Do you kiss and tell, or do you keep it private?  Everything is private unless otherwise notified - another hee hee.

4. If you had to choose one, would you choose Facebook or Twitter?  Facebook! I have twitter but I think I only tweet once a month. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my facebook!

5.  Christmas or Valentine’s Day?  Christmas!  I enjoy decorating so much for either but get frustrated that I NEVER have a valentine for Valentine's Day!

6.  If you joined a band, would yo…

Serious Weight Loss!!

This is a serious post to myself!

I am soooooooooo done with this rollercoaster weight loss! Lose 5 then gain two; lose 10 then gain 12...what?!?!?!

I am READY to lose the weight once and for all.

Today is the starting again point and THIS IS IT!

I have my calendar set to go...I weighed myself this am and I plan to do this every morning and write it down!!!

I already started logging my food...every BITE!!! No cheats...if I have a great loss and then reward myself with a pedi or a mani - NOT food!!!

I am charging my Body Media and strapping it back on! Cannot wait to see who I can become when I get serious!! I am single now for goodness sake!! HA HA

I am working out too hard to keep this cheating crap up!!!

Time to get fit and stay fit!

Keep me accountable!!!!!!

Sunday Run Day

On Sunday was the event that my family all came back to town for....The Great Race in Pittsburgh!!!

This is my sisters and mother and I getting ready to race! We all registered for the 10K!

This is the view of all the people behind us waiting to start...

And this was the view to start many people this year!! We did the 10K and they said 5,000 registered for the 5K and 10,000 for the 10K...or something like that ha!

At about halfway was the smiley cookie - the mascot from Eat n Park restaurants....I had to stop and pose!! I ended up walking with my sister as she had not run anytime recently and I figured I would keep her company so we had an awesome walk through the streets of Pittsburgh!!!Whoop!

This is us with about two and a half miles to go!! Still smiling!!!

This is the view coming down the homestretch into the city...I think we had about a mile and a half at this is soo fun to run on the streets of Pittsburgh!! I am sooo excited to get registered for the marathon…
Saturday was an awesome day here in Pittsburgh! We had amazing weather!!! High 70's and sunny! My family came in from Ohio to run in the Great Race on Sunday so we spent the day at Trax Farm Market!!

Soooo much fun with all the festivities for Fall!! Mom, Dad, oldest sister and I met up with my little brother's family there.

This is my oldest sister pushing around the goods!

And here is my niece climbing up the stairs on the right the slide down the inflatable slide!

We also hung out at the petting zoo and that was hillarious!!!

We then met up with my little sister's family too and  all went to Buca De Beppa for dinner! YUMMO!!! Always amazing food there!!! This is my nephew on the way in the car wearing his homemade mask!! He told me his name is creepy biscuit when he has this on. HA HA - no clue where he came up with that name!

This is my youngest sister getting her much needed drink at the restaurant - just kidding. This was totally staged for Facebook!

This little girl clung…

Weekend :-)

I have not had anything exciting to write about lately :-(

No games, no dates, no fun :-(

Work, work, work, Yuck!, Yuck!, Yuck!

But that is all about to change!!!

I am going to hang with my amazing family this weekend!!

Who needs a man?!?!?!?  Not me!!!!!

My sister is coming in from Harrisburg this afternoon and then tomorrow morning my Mom and Dad will be coming to Pittsburgh from Ohio.

They will all stay with me in my little condo.

Then, my brother and his family will be coming as well as my sister and her family - they will be staying at friends and relatives houses as I do not have enough room in mine :-(

Tomorrow we will be going to a pumpkin festival and outlet shopping and then on Sunday we will be running the Great Race 10K in Pittsburgh so I will definitely have awesome posts this weekend at least....please don't give up on me - hee hee!


Well, isn't this timely?!?!!? Ha Ha! I missed last weeks FMM and I do not see today's posted yet so I am going with last week for now. This past Friday night the man and I broke up. Long story you can read here... Anyway, I still have hope - not giving up yet...where the heck are you Prince Charming?!?!? Relationships and Dating

1. List 5 characteristics that you think are important in a significant other. -Trustworthy -Established (decent credit rating, decent job, positive bank account) -Responsible -Home owner -Loving and giving
2. If you had to choose between staying single for the next two years )as in, no dating at all,) or receiving $10,000, which would you choose? Confused
3. What is your relationship status? Are you satisfied with it? I am recently single...ready for love if it comes by
4. Would you date someone who has children? Yes, if they have all the above 5 things
5. Would you date someone who is shorter than you? Yes, could not care less about height
6. Would you date someo…

Thanks Honey Boo Boo

Well, it worked!! I sat and enjoyed all twelve episodes of Honey Boo Boo up until the finale when June and Sugar Bear are married!! It is hard to admit but I actually cried when June and Sugie exchanged vows...scary I know. I must be emotional today with the break up but all in all that show makes me smile and it was just what I needed!!! It is so hard when you realize that someone was nothing like you thought all along.....But better I learned in three months rather than allowing him to steal three years, right?!?!?!

Then I went to my favorite place on the planet in the Winter and Fall! Trax Farms!! In the fall - their pumpkins and apples are the best and they make this homemade apple caramel dip that is to DIE for!!! I love me some Jonagold apples!!! I wanted one so bad I could not wait to eat one until I got home - I broke this out in the car!
I also got these at Trax....Concord grapes. They have a very short season and they are sooooooo yummo!!! My great Aunt Martha used to have a …

The Final Break Up

So........Last night it finally happened....The night I have been waiting for...The "latest loser boyfriend" and I have broken up. I knew it was coming sooner than later and now, suprisingly, I am a little bummed and miss knowing that someone out there loves me but I am also kind of okay with it.For those that dont know my history, I am recently out of a very one sided relationship. Waliacha moved in with me and then basically quit his job and started using drugs and it took me three years to get him out of my home and my life. So, now I am very guarded and have A LOT of bounderies.I told the new man right up front that I had these bounderies and he was fine with it all at first. Then gradually he was pushing for more. I think he thought if he kept pushing then little by little I would give in. First problem, stop dating men that live with roomates as they are only looking for a roof. Anyway, I held my ground and he finally realized that I was serious about my bounderies.W…

5 on Friday

It's Five on Friday time, YEEEEAAAAAH!   I hope you'll join me along with Liz, DarciNatasha, and Christina ... playing along is simple. Just write a blog about five things on your mind today, anything goes really, post the logo below on your blog, and then enter your post address in the link-up section on Liz's blog.

 Here goes..

ONE:  Today is payday which is always a great day!!! Only problem is that as soon as it comes in, it goes out :-(

 TWO:  Tonight I will be attending the Canon Mac varsity football game!! My boyfriend's son is on the team and tonight I have a dilemma. They are playing my High School alma mater Bethel Park so I am torn as to my team will all work out - HEE HEE.

THREE:  This weekend is going to be a serious weekend of leisure...NO PLANS!! Yeah!

FOUR:  I will be appointing Saturday morning as National Sleep in Day ....may not have been before but it IS NOW!!! Hee Hee!!

FIVE:  I have a big opportunity here at work on Monday! I am rea…

My Fun Week

I made tutu's this week - four of them to be exact!!! It was fun and easy and actually pretty cheap!  I just followed directions from google.  We are running the Color Run in Pittsburgh in October and decided it would be fun to run in tutu's so I made them for my whole group!!! So me, my sister, my two nieces and their friend are all set with a tutu (even if they dont want one!)!!! Soooooooooo fun!!! 
This was the perfect activity this week as I wanted to stay in a few nights to watch the last two Big Brother shows and the premier of Survivor! The tutu making fell in perfectly with that plan! Very mindless looping and cutting strips of tulle!!
Here they are hanging and waiting to be worn!!!

 Last night I went to the baseball field with my boyfriend to watch his sons team play for Cecil little league! They won 11 to 10 in the last inning! It was a great game!
 This is his son Matt when he was pitching.  What a sweetie!!!
After the game we flew (literally) high speed to get ice cream…

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Happy Anniversary to the most amazing parents in the entire world - no, I am not biased at all!
They made my three siblings and myself and have always set an amazing example of what a marriage is and how to live your life to the fullest!!!

I love you both so much!!! Thanks for being my parents even if you did not "pick me"  (and probably would not have had they known how much work I would be - ha ha!) This was them back then...

And this is now...they are both amazing examples!! Thank you Mom and Dad!!
They have been married for 48 years and still love and respect one another! (Most of the time - ha ha!) Thanks again - I love you both!

Exercise? NEVER!

I am one lucky chick!!! I am blessed with the best HipHop and Zumba teachers anywhere!! 
The other night there was a Zumba After Dark event at one of the gyms I workout at called StudioFit.  I am a member at LAFitness but I supplement that with classes at other gyms that I love and other gyms that my favorite teachers teach at - HA.  I literally follow oner around - her name is Kristy and this is her right below. Her class is so fun and so high energy I LOVE it!!! It is not even like you are exercising! (PS-You can see me the photo below also, I am in the front row...far right in the large white t-shirt) ha!
This is another Kristy - she ROCKS!!!
This is a hilarious shot of me in my t-shirt.  Everyone else wears these cute matchy matchy outfits and I look like a bum!!! HA
This is a behind one of me! :-)
This is Kristy again...I am far right... This is another instructor, her name is Sabrina. She is also amazing!
This was such a fun and awesome night of exercise!!!! If you ever get a cha…

Weekend Wrap-Up

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend~ Mine was fun-filled and jam-packed with excitement ALL weekend!!!

Friday night consisted of going to see my boyfriend's son play on his HS Football team. He plays for the Canon-MacMillan Big Macs. Their mascot is a strange looking man in a kilt (honestly kinda scary) and I think it should be a Big Mac itself!!! Wayyyyy better!!! (I tried to google a picture to show you how awful this thing really is and could not find a single image so next game I am going to get Jimmy to pose with him for a pic so you can see how awful this thing really is! - Seriously, not exaggerating!)

His son is number 67...he was right in front of 69 and then when I snapped the picture below 69 moved behind him and blocked my picture....but, here is his team HA HA.

They unfortunately lost bad - it was like 56 to 0 final score....but they put him in the game at then end and he got four tackles in a row! His dad's face was priceless when he heard the last name on the sp…