Another Pic Dump

 Another photo dump! 
The easiest way to recap my weekend is by taking my Facebook pics and putting them into a post - so, here goes another photo dump to recap the weekend!! Hee

I work for the world's best company! On Friday they sent every employee, yes, EVERY EMPLOYEE a gold anniversary coin! AMAZING!!! It is our 150th anniversary! It is worth over $250 dollars and we all got them on Friday via UPS.  It is awesome and I am proud to work for this company!

Saturday morning I went to an anniversary breakfast for the Windover Hills Meeting and they had these! Well, other stuff too but isn't this cute?!?!? I had a great breakfast of pancakes, sausage and hash browns and then these! yummo!!!! A real peach and a delicious pastry peach! It was hard to eat as it was sooo cute!!!

I run on a trail near my house on days that I do not Hip Hop or Zumba and lately there have been so many deer soooooooo close. It is amazing - they just stand there eating trees and grass and watch me run past and never even flinch. Amazing! They are so beautiful - I love nature!

Saturday afternoon I went to a Pig Roast at my good friend Jenna's parents home. It was awesome! Her step-father is a Shriner and he is called Bubbles. In the pic below is Sleepy (her step-brother). They threw the nicest and most welcoming party at their home - it was great! This is a picture of the pig as they were taking it off the spit to carve. They did it themselves - so yummy!

And this is a closeup....really moist and delicious!! They really did an amazing job! Yum!!! We met some of the friendliest people there!

Jenna's dad gave my boyfriend's son, Matthew, a new bike! It was an awesome dirt bike and he was so excited!!! About 20 minutes after they left the party he texted me the picture below. Matthew loves his new bike!

And finally, hopefully y'all are fans but just a reminder....tonight the Steelers play at 8PM!!!!! Everyone should watch a little Monday Night Football!!
Are You Ready for some FOOTBALL!?!?!?!?  All of us Steeler fans are!!!! WHOOP!

Hope everyone has an awesome week!!!!!!!!!


  1. I bet that pig was good but it creeps me out with the head on it! I was watching one of those food network shows and they made head cheese. At least nothing goes to waste right?


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