Bring on the Ice

Still icing the foot...

It definitely feels better both when I put pressure on it and also when I just wiggle it but still not 100%. At my advanced age (HA) I am afraid to push it so I think I am taking off the next few days for cardio. I will focus on getting in a few good lifting days instead.

I have a bunch of longer (what I call longer) runs coming up that I need to start putting in some distance runs for just to get into the training again. I am a runner/jogger/walker and I don't really care that much about my times; just finishing hee hee.

So here are the two runs I am scheduled for so far this year...

Hershey 10K - April 14th
Pittsburgh Half Marathon - May 4th

I plan on running many more I hope....Turkey Trot and Jingle Bell Run included.

Better heal this foot fast and get out on that trail now that the weather is finally going to be heading toward spring temps!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!

I will leave you with my decor at work....below is my St. Patty's Day decor....some shamrock lights on my posy at work...

And my light up eggs for Easter-love these babies!!

Tomorrow is Friday!! Have a happy night all!




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