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Happy Hump Day

Happy hump day to you all!

I am soooo happy it is hump day! I thought I had the rest of the week off but I screwed up my vacation days and I am actually not off until Friday and that is only a half day.

So, needless to say, I have to work for 2 and 1/2 more days before vacation starts :-(  (thats a BIG old sad face - HA!!!)

Hopefully, it will go quick for all of us!!!!!

Zumba groupie!

I am such a huge fan of Zumba! I love it and I will follow certain instructors to the ends of the earth for a good workout.

Tonight, a young lady I met in Zumba who just get certified to teach, actually got to teach her first class!

She did amazing!! Soooooo much fun and a great workout!

Here are the pics.....,below is Amy - she is the new teacher!!

And this is a lovely photo of me and my Zumba besties....on the left is Sam, middle is Amy the new instructor and on the right me. Please keep in mind we are drenched with sweat...scary pic! HA!!

Is you get a chance to try it! You will love it! Promise!

I hope ya'll have an amazing week!!

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WOW! Seriously 16?

Today marks 16 years sober and clean! I am simply grateful and blown away daily that this is even possible! Thank you to all the Friends of Bill have have guided, led, and suggested to me along the way! I love you all!! I am soooooo very grateful for the life that has been made possible by the 12 steps and those that have gone before me!

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Fun day with a good friend

I spent the day with a work friend that I truly enjoy hanging out with! We make these trips down to the strip district in Pittsburgh about every other month and it is always so much fun!!

This is just a picture as we were walking to the legendary Wholeys to buy some fishes!! Yum! It looks yucky outburst was actually about 55 degrees and just quick rain at 8:30 am as we were driving down....the rest of the day was rain free and awesome for December in Pittsburgh!

This is my lunch!! Amazing! We at at Bright Pho Van on Penn Avenue. It was rice noodles and chicken (our server said it is the Thai version of chicken soup). It was served with a plate of sprouts, lime slices and Thai basil you could add-seriously sooooooo yummy! I had half of my leftovers for dinner tonight and the other half will be tomorrows! Did I mention huge portions too!?!? And then we stopped into the always popular arsenal. They make cider wine (the Santa Cinnamon) is not on tap. Although I do not drink, apparentl…

Best run time yet!


It has been a productive day already.

I took an early lunch and hit the gym for my fastest 5K run yet (31 minutes and 39 seconds). It helps that I keep getting lighter...I can totally tell when I run...easier and easier each time. I am down 5 more pounds from last week...yippee!!!

Had to work out early as one of my best friends is taking me to the movies and dinner for my anniversary! I am clean and sober for 16 as of this Monday!! Feels like yesterday....I am soooooooo grateful!! Thanks to the many that have helped me get here!! It was not alone that is for sure!!

Hope everyone has an amazing day....I am off the get my tootsies rubbed, buffed and painted....happy anniversary to me! HA!

Happy weekend y'all!!

Ps- yes, I am still tanning.......I am soooooooo weak!

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Christmas prep

Today I completed a little Christmas prep.

Every Christmas (and some Easters) I make hardtack candy. My mother made it all the time when we were kids and it was always my favorite so now I make it a tradition. The recipe is HERE if you are interested.

This is a photo of the completed product. I made anise, wintergreen, cinnamon and clove and packaged it all in these cute little treat bags from Hobby Lobby. They turned out adorable! Thanks Hobby Looby as usual!!

This is my tree all lite up...Love it! Finally went back to a real tree this year and I am sooo glad I is perfect!

And this is a new decoration this year. I got these on clearance last year after Christmas and they are my new looks soooo cute with the stencil on the wall!

Nothing new to report on the exercise or man categories. Will be going on a date soon with someone new....we shall see....not getting excited....time will tell. Worked out tonight at Southside again, the instructors are sooo goo…

Polar plunge!

Wow! Has it really been that long since I posted here!?

I have been away in a little re-focus mode ... Refocusing my diet, food choices, and life choices. What I HAVE been doing is keeping up with all of you in the meantime- that means you...Sara, Julie, Kelly, Michelle,etc. etc, etc.

So, thanks for keeping me checking back and I will try to sum things up.

I think I hit a little personal wall per say. I was working out every day and then coming home to a quiet house and eating my loneliness away each night. Not good recipe for weight loss. Then I feel sorry for myself for being alone but take no action to even meet anyone new. I finally made a decision to get serious about the food intake and exercise at the same

I am happy to report that by working out daily, not eating ANYTHING after 6pm, and logging it all into each day; I have lost over 15 pounds and am back on track!! Whoop whoop! Finally!

Also, I am feeling good about me and feeling very open to…