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Today I am going to join up with Jamie for What I am Lovin' Wednesday! I am so excited to get moving on updating this blog everyday again!!! Let's do this!

I am lovin' that my exercise is back on track! After I switched from running (jogging that is) to Zumba and spin classes for a long period of time; it took me forever to be able to jog again! It was seriously like torture to run on the treadmill and I could hardly breath!!! But, after persevering for a few weeks, I am again able to run non-stop and breath!!! YEAH!!!!  My times are getting better too!!!! (11.26; 11.03 and even a 10.22 mile in there - that is AMAZING for me!) When I ran the Great Race in Pittsburgh about five years ago I had a pace of 12.55 and I thought that was fast! HA!!!  Thanks Sara for the inspiration!!!

I am lovin' that I have these two cuties to make me smile everyday! If they are not following me around and snuggling on me; they are sleeping stinkin' cute is that?!?!?! Love th…

Dance Recital Weekend 2012


Another dump (photo that is)

Lets all be honest...I need to change the format of thisblog to a "weekly picture dump".  

I really need to get back on the bandwagon of updating this is sooo hard as I am so busy lately..... I will try though!!!!!

Happy Monday all!!!!!!! Here's to hopin

Crafty Sis

Happy Tuesday all!!!
It is sooo rainy and yucky in Pittsburgh - not a pretty day at all!
I hope your weather is better than ours here!!!

I was just notified that I am going to be receiving a VoxBox and I am soooooooooo excited!!!! I will tell you all about it when I get it!

Also, not sure how many of you know this but I do not drink.  I mean, alcohol that is.  I do drink LOTS of coffee and water though!! HA HA!! So an old friend of mine, from across the street where I grew up, literally 39 years ago and I have been in contact again! His name is Marc and he is two years older than me but I remember I always looked up to him! Anyway, he posted on Facebook that he was drinking a Badass Beer. For those of you that do not know this....I am a HUGE kidrock fan!!! Badass Beer is his beer brand that he started to help put industry back in Detroit. Well, you can only get get this in Michigan and that is where Marc is now!!! YIPPEE!!!! I mentioned that I was jealous that he had a Badass Beer and he …

Miscelleneous Friday

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!!!!! I will have lots of pics as I plan on hanging with my nieces and nephews at the lake and it is supposed to be nice - yippee!!!!!!