Friend Me...My Llamo es "annsterw" on Fitness Pal

I am linking up today for Fitness Friday at The Blessed Life...

So excited because I really have been good with everything this we go!

the blessed life

I had fantastic week of staying active. I have tracked all my exercise/food/water/weight on and that has been soooo helpful - it is a free website - it you are not already using it you should give it a try...and request me as your friend...annsterw...I love friends!!! HA!

Was I active?I am so excited to report that I was active 5 out of the 7 days this week for at least 60 minutes each of those days....some days more!!

Friday: Day Off - mom and sisters in town...too much time to workout that day!
Saturday: 30 minutes on the treadmill jogging at 5.0 and 60 on the elliptical
Sunday: Day Off - had a service meeting almost all day and crashed when I got home!
Monday: 30 minutes on the treadmill jogging at 5.0 and 75 on the elliptical
Tuesday:30 minutes on the treadmill jogging at 5.0 and 120 on the elliptical
Wednesday: 30 minutes on the treadmill jogging at 5.0 and 60 on the elliptical
Thursday: 120 on the elliptical

As you can see there is a lot of time spent on the treadmill and elliptical. Not that I am wishing to have people fail but, currently at my gym it is soooooo packed with the New Years resolution people (they are still hanging in there) so it makes attending spin or any of the others classes next to impossible...THEY ARE PACKED!!! I am a very crowd conscious person. Maybe will clear out a little.....if not, then elliptical here I come because I cannot stand to be packed in like a sardine and try to participate in a class...I need space!!!! HA!

Weight Loss?I did lose weight last week and stayed under my calorie intake each daybut I do not weight in until Monday....maybe I should switch that...we shall see.

Anyway, last week I lost 2.2 I think and this week on track to more I hope.

On Thurday I went to lunch (which I never do) and we went to Thai Foon - I got the combination fried rice and ate the WHOLE Thing!!! It had to be like 3 cups of rice easy!!! When looked up the calories, the program said like 2000...that is why I did 120 minutes on the elliptical - I HOPE I counter-acted that massive amount of fat and food!!! :-( It was soooooooooooo yummy though!

Good luck to all/Happy Weekend and I look forward to new friends on Fitness Pal!!!!


  1. I need to get my phone updated so I can do that one. My friend does it and she loves it!

  2. Wow--you are so impressive with your workouts! I would love to be a member of a gym...but doesn't quite fit in the budget right now! ;) I'm trying to stay as creative as I can with my workouts at home. Can't wait for it to warm up so I can get outside!

    Keep up the awesome work, lady!! So glad you linked up!


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