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My psycho neighbor is at it again...
I am so sick of these people that sit around all day doing nothing (except sucking up disability money) and bother other people! I have TWO of them, count it TWO of them, in my condo building alone!!!!!!!!! Amazing - get a life and a job PLEASE!!!
I am convinced that God is trying to teach me patience.....WOWSA~~~Grant me serenity!!!!!!

Here is my workout from Monday night...woo hoo~~~

Same as usual...I am just proud of myself for sticking to it and going EVERYDAY!

Here is the 30 min walk/jog...

And here is the 60 minutes elliptical....little boring but I did not quit!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Tuesday all!!!!!!

I seriously need to start saving for a the country....faaaaaarrrrr away from other humans - HA!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP!


  1. Were they the ones that were complaining about your plants or something?

  2. Tag you're it~~you're mission should you choos to take it is here May the force be with you


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