Birchbox October

Yippee - I got my newest Birchbox!!!

I am sooo glad that I decided to subscribe to this - it is like a little gift for myself each month!!!

Here is the box.......

And the goodies!!!!!!!!

This month was facial mask, green tea mints, lip enhancer, hair glosser and blinc mascara - I have only tried the mascara so far and I love it!!!!!!! I goes on sooo smooth and NO clumps!!! It forms thhese little tubes around your lashes and then washes off with the tube intact!! Awesome product that I will definitely be buying!!!!

Try'll like it!!!!!!!!!!! Let them know I sent you and I will get a few extra shopping points - after trying these products and loving them each time...I need all the shopping points I can get! HA!!


  1. I'd never heard of Birchbox but it looks like fun! I surfed over from Lexie Loo & Dylan Too.

  2. I got the Blinc mascara a few boxes ago I LOVED it! I went and got one right away. I love your blog! Following now!


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