Recap last week - Sessions By The Sea

I spent last week at Sessions By The Sea in Ocean City, Maryland!
What an awesome few days of great speakers, great company (Sherry) and recovery!!!!
Here are a few pics from the week...

This town was on our way from Pgh to MD...I loved the name and had to get this picture out of the car window!!!

Here is the GPS directions....on the way!!

We are here - is this beach amazing or what?!?!

Another shot from the patio at the Hilton!!! No Paris to be found :-(

Made some virgin Pina Coladas to get in the beach vacation mood!!!

Beautiful shot down the boardwalk

The Kite Loft - getting old home is nearby....

What?!?!?! Apparently the old, rickety house that I used to live in (summer of 1987) was torn down and turned into....a Hooters - fitting hugh?!?!? I am soooooo sad! make matters worse...where I used to work is not there anymore either!!! Miele's Pizza is gone :-( (and where, pray tell, has Danny Miele gone???) Anyway, it is now Bull on the Beach and that too makes me sad...this man taught me how to stretch and throw pizza dough!!!!

I used to have to mop this ugly floor - HA!!!!!!

More sea pictures...

And another...

Sooooooooooo pretty!!!!

I soooooooo love the beach...

Picture from Bayside rather than ocenside....this is right behind the Convention Center in OC......soooo wished I had a fishing pole!!!

I would have loved to fish with these two guys...they never caught a thing the whole time I watched but they sure looked amazingly PEACEFUL!!!!

Pretty flowers by the bay...

These are my kind of steps!!!!! Come along, walk right into the bay - HA!!!

Our banner from the conference - there were also over 2500 people but I am not allowed to show them as anonymity issues would arise...

Last day at the beach....I stayed down there a lonnnnnnng time!!!

We had such a beautiful last day!!!

Picture of the Convention Center Sign welcoming Sessions...took about 10 tries to get this picture while driving by...

Me having fun in my complimentary shower cap and fluffy Hilton Robe (the robe was not complementary however the were for sale in the lobby for $80!!!!)

The logo of the week!!!!!! Thanks Paris!

We drove home on Sunday (Sept.11th) and we saw this on our way back....soooo sad but a beautiful tribute!!

America really is beautiful!!!!!!!


  1. all this time I thought you were in Washington State lol.

    It's beautiful there, looks like a great vacation!

  2. Beautiful pics! I love the ocean, and Ocean City is now on my list of places to visit!

  3. Hey, new to your blog since you commented on mine for the swap. I love your pics and want to share a similar beach flower I took. This is in Palm Beach, Florida.

    Hope you get a good swap partner!


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